Zine Making Workshop


Saturday, January 21, 2012 - 2:00pm


CLPP office in the basement of FPH (room G13)

We have been thinking about putting together a student group-created zine, and Jan-term seems as good a time as ever. For now we're thinking let's keep it simple, we're all busy and plotting next semester, but let's all get together in the main CLPP office in the basement of FPH (room G13) on Saturday, January 21st from 2 to 6 p.m.

Maybe our goal for now can be to all meet (whoever is interested) and put together just one fun/informative/relevant/creative zine that we can leave all over campus. We're thinking news articles? art? poetry? written pieces? that could maybe all center around (to some extent) activism/identity/reproductive justice/ all types of justice/stuff we care about/think is important?

We were thinking it would be nice and also productive to reach out to the Hampshire community and the student groups we have here. There is definitely overlap in some of the work we all do or at least our goals and we think it could be helpful to everyone and all of the groups for us to come together in some way, share ideas and learn more about each other and our different groups.

Student Group Coordinators, Yasmine and Lauren, will gather any materials we see fit and we'll have access to computers and printers in the office. We'll also have some sort of food for the day.

Let us know if you're super pumped or have any ideas or questions!

RSVP on Facebook or email lamc09@hampshire.edu for more information.