Sunday 9:00AM - 10:30AM

The Military Industrial Complex and Impacts on Reproductive Health

This panel will focus on the intersections of the military industrial complex and issues of reproductive health. Advocates will cover topics such as the DREAM Act and military as a path to citizenship; how war disproportionately affects marginalized communities, especially women and girls; and the effects of war on the environment.

Transfeminism and Reproductive Justice

This session will explore trans and gender justice activism, reproductive rights and sexual liberation, feminism, and the connections between our movements. Panelists will share their perspectives and experiences challenging assumptions about gender, sexuality, and feminism, and their work to advance a more expansive understanding of gender and gender justice.

The Revolution Starts with Me: Incorporating Self-Care & Preventing Burnout

Self-care is giving ourselves space to name our physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, and spiritual needs so that we can engage in healthy practices that allow our needs to manifest in the best ways for us. But how can we practice self-care in a world where we’re being pulled in multiple directions? By using interactive activities, storytelling, and skill-sharing, this workshop will help us think more critically about the importance of prioritizing self-care and preventing burnout.

If Not Now, When?: Making Space for Your Vision Despite Limited Resources

Student organizers can often feel overwhelmed and unequipped to create spaces on their campus for a reproductive justice focused dialogue. In the face of limited resources, time, and members, this sentiment can be difficult to overcome. Panelists from Students United for Reproductive Justice (SURJ) from UNC-Chapel Hill will discuss their strategies for overcoming resource limitations and ultimately realizing their vision to educate, empower, and energize their campus on reproductive justice issues.

Economic Justice and Access to Care

We will discuss how this economic downturn has impacted those in our communities who rely on public assistance, and broaden our analysis on how state benefits are inaccessible and inadequate for many. From advocacy work on making the Affordable Care Act (ACA) accessible to people of color, poor folks, and LGBTQ people, to funding abortion in the face of Hyde, to finding space and support for queer folks in shelters, panelists and participants will strategize ways to support our communities in a time of economic crisis.

RiseUp! Women’s Reentry from Prison

Women returning from prison face challenges that their male counterparts do not, such as reuniting with children placed in foster care, securing childcare while seeking employment, and healing from past trauma. We’ll discuss some of the many reentry issues that women are faced with and strategize about how to support our formerly incarcerated community members.

Creating a Full Spectrum Doula Practice

Everyone deserves access to non-judgmental emotional, physical, and informational support when moving through the full spectrum of choice. In recent years, the doula model of care has been expanding to include not only birthing support, but also support for abortion, adoption, and prison reproductive healthcare. Come hear how doulas from different practices are managing this landscape and add your ideas to the conversation.

Changing the Way We Organize: Accessible, Expansive Movements

Activist communities don’t always value the experiences and leadership of people with disabilities, parents, and families. How can we support ourselves and each other in doing this work in a way that is sustainable for everyone? Come hear about different models for organizing and connecting that are making the movement more accessible and expansive.


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