Sunday 9:00AM - 10:30AM

Not Just a Trans 101!

Apart from engaging with the institutional oppression and violence faced by trans people, this workshop will look at the ways in which trans folks have been historically excluded from reproductive justice movements. Where trans people have been included, the focus has been largely on trans men, and thus this workshops aims at centering the experiences of trans women.

We're All Media Makers: Using Storytelling & Creativity to Make Change

Effective storytelling has always been a critical part of messaging, but it is even more important when it comes to engaging people -- especially young people -- on important political issues. People want to get involved with campaigns that reflect their values, and we know that no story exists in a box. We'll discuss how the reproductive justice movement can be strengthened by including and focusing on more than just "abortion stories," but rather stories that reflect the reality of real people with complex lives and identities.

Lifetimes of Activism

They created the term "reproductive justice", and housing, sex education, international training and capacity building programs; helped run an underground railroad before Roe through which thousands of women safely obtained illegal abortions; founded the first women's HIV/AIDS organization in the Southeast, and SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective; and directed the March for Women's Lives, then the largest protest march in US history.

What If We Let Roe Go?

This is a community conversation to question our orthodoxies, analyze our strategies and brainstorm together about how to build more effective power for abortion access. It is a time for reproductive health, rights and justice activists to explore what our movement would look like if we were willing to step back from the conventional (i.e. legislative, litigation and policy) strategies to protect and expand abortion access. Could we approach the work differently? What would we gain and what would we lose?

Taking Root in Flyover Country: Building Networks for Reproductive Justice

Between hostile cultural climates and legislation targeted at the most marginalized, one of a red state organizer’s most pronounced barriers is isolation. Using examples of our own collaboration with each other, other red state organizers, the Take Root conference, and even coastal collaborations, we will facilitate a conversation about the importance of growing networks for red state reproductive justice and best practices for overcoming organizer isolation and nurturing relationships.

Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centers on a Local, State & National level

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are anti-choice centers across the nation that often lie to women about abortion, sex education & birth control. This panel will describe ways that activists can get involved both legislatively and on the ground. Katie Stack, from the Crisis Project, will talk about what she has learned from her undercover investigations of CPCs across the country. Feminist Majority Foundation will cover best practices on raising awareness about CPCs in college environments.

Economic Justice and Worker's Rights

This past year has seen a tidal wave of activism and leadership from the ground up on worker’s rights, from nationwide fast food strikes to the success of domestic worker wage campaigns. With minimum wage legislation becoming a priority agenda item for this administration, the time is right for real and lasting change to the way we pay, benefit, and value the labor of low wage workers. For those of us who are operating as allies, how do we engage with, support, and lift up the voices of the most marginalized in these campaigns?

Confronting Sizeism

This workshop will focus on fatness as a social identity and sizeism as a system of oppression. Participants will learn the basics of fat oppression and it how operates through institutions such as the medical system, media, diet and fashion industries. Participants will examine how fat oppression intersects with other -isms (racism, sexism, capitalism, etc), and give historical context about the rise of fat oppression as an aesthetic concern before fatness was ever considered a medical issue.

Understanding New Racialized Attacks on Reproductive Justice - and How to Fight Back

In this workshop, we will unpack the strategies of new right-wing attacks on reproductive justice in communities of color - from racist anti-choice billboards to state violence against transgender people of color - and how to make collective organizing against these efforts work.


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