Sunday 9:00AM - 10:30AM

Imagining a Winning Reproductive Movement: a 30-year Visioning Session

How might we redefine our relationships to failure, success, and experimentation? How might we strengthen our networks to ensure that all people have the resources, rights, and respect to make decisions about their sexual and reproductive lives? What do we want for the future of our movement? Where do we want to be in 30 years? This session will provide participants the space to collaborate on a 30 year visioning process and learn about more ways to bring innovation into their movement-building work at home.

Cultivating Authentic Youth Leadership

This workshop will provide real world examples of youth organizing that centers youth voices. Organizers will share their how they include youth in every step of their organizing model - as both participants in programs as well as advocates and spokespeople in the community combating legislation, attacks against women of color, and threats against their bodies and their autonomy.

Strategic Action Session: Building Resilience and Empathy Off the Coasts

By now, you’ve probably heard about something about reproductive justice in red states. Maybe you’ve been to the Take Root conference, caught some rants on Twitter, or maybe you are from a red state. While the conversation is never straight forward (“What about purple states?” “How do urban/rural dynamics play into the convo?” “Is a red state/blue state binary helpful?”), there is one thing we all agree on: working in under-resourced areas is hard.

Practical Support for Abortion in the South

As access to abortion becomes increasingly under attack, activists in the South have been stepping up to fill the gap in their own communities by providing transportation, lodging, childcare, knowledge about self-induction and other resources, as well as emotional support. This workshop will feature a variety of work of abortion funds, collectives, and other self-organized groups in the South, with a focus on the importance of living out reproductive justice values in this work.

The COFFEE Klatch: What happens when feminists talk parenting?

So often, issues of feminism and parenting narrow in focus on population. Our hope is to create a set of conversations that broaden the discussions we have about parents and families, and to expand who sits at the table (or cross legged on the floor!) We want to talk productively about the changing face of what constitutes a family, how they're "made," what they need to thrive and succeed, and the various obstacles in their way. Come join us to learn what happens when parents, and those who support families and feminism, get together, and where it will go from there.

Immigrant Rights and Reproductive Justice

Immigration and reproductive justice are intimately connected, and immigration status has a significant impact on the ability to exercise reproductive freedom. From pulling parents away from their children, forcing women to deliver children in shackles, denying treatment to young women, and denying people health insurance for up to 15 years — current immigration policy puts reproductive justice far out of reach. This panel will begin with the history of U.S.

Telling our stories! How the Prison Industrial Complex impacts families

Did you know that 2.7 million children have a parent in prison or jail? Or that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is using drug dogs and body scanners on visiting families? Justice Now’s Let Our Families Have a Future campaign (LOFHAF) and Project AVARY’s Youth Peace Maker Project bring awareness to communities about how prisons impact families.

Music for the Movement: Making Modern Day Freedom Songs

Music is a tool. It has the power to shift and transform our communities. Do you want to create modern day freedom songs? Come experience the Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape – a magical musical movement to inspire bold self-expression and celebrate how our community hustles hard for justice and wellness. Through live performance, interactive discussion, music, and a collective devising process, we will cipher, co-create, and document sounds, songs, and remixes that honor ourselves and communities. We will tell the stories of our freedom hustles for reproductive justice.

Demystifying the Manual Vacuum Aspiration Abortion: The Papaya Workshop

A common perception of the Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) for early abortion is that the procedure is scary, complicated and intense. The purpose of this Papaya workshop is to debunk this myth through education and hands-on activities for a non-clinical audience. Using papayas as uterine models, participants will be introduced to and perform their own MVA early abortion.

The Revolution Starts with Me: Recipes, Remedies, Rituals, & Resources for Activist Self Care

In order to raise our voice for reproductive justice, we have to learn how to take care of ourselves. But with so many injustices facing our communities (on top of our commitments to family, friends, work/school), how can activists practice self care in a world where we’re pulled in multiple directions? How do we know when we’re on the verge of burnout? How can community organizations, schools, and our communities support us in prioritizing self care?


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