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Know the Right, Resist the Right, Fight for Your Rights

Today, we can feel the presence of the Religious Right in craft stores, textbooks, pharmacies, bakeries, and countless other realms of society and government. Recognizing that strong and effective advocacy and resistance necessitates an understanding of our opposition, including their strategy, structure, and messaging tactics, this workshop aims to inform organizers, activists, and academics alike.

Immigration Policy and Reproductive Justice: An Intersectional Dialogue

How is reproductive justice impacted by immigration policy? Communities of color, particularly women, children, and/or those identifying as LGBTQ, face inequitable access to reproductive health, freedom, and justice. Using participatory storytelling and small group work, attendees will explore intersections between immigration and reproductive justice. Presenters will highlight how recent developments in immigration policies impact marginalized communities' ability to access abortion care and other necessary reproductive health services.

Fish Fry!: Hot Topics in Reproductive Justice and Organizing in the South

Southerners deserve to own our narrative! This space serves as a living anthology of our work and progress in the South. Using a fishbowl style interactive discussion, participants will address specific issues in organizing such as funding, policies, and media representation. Participants will be given the opportunity to pose their own questions and brainstorm around continuing these conversations together back home. It is encouraged that those closely connected to reproductive justice work in the South step in to the fishbowl and share their experiences.

Eating Your (Field) Wheaties!

Regardless of the issue you are organizing on, the need to educate and mobilize the larger public is a critical lever to create and sustain social change. Focusing on the science of field movement building, this session will review best practices ranging from door/phone canvass training to implementation and tracking, as tested by NARAL Pro-Choice America over the years. Participants will learn how to organize a robust field campaign on a shoe-string or near non-existent budget.

At the Intersection of Reproductive and Gender Justice

What are the intersections, and points of departure, between reproductive justice and gender justice? Join us as we share regional and state policy perspectives, as well as examples of programming and advocacy efforts that have defined the two as distinct, yet overlapping movements. We will discuss the role and rationale for the inclusion or exclusion of gender identity as a reproductive justice focus, as well as provide examples of successful coordination and collaboration with partners and communities to promote both gender justice and reproductive justice.

Adoption in the Time of Colonialism

Throughout history, the state removal of children from their families and communities has been used as a genocidal attack on native communities and communities of color, further advanced and fueled by missionary interests. Discussion in this workshop will be centered around adoption justice by examining this modern practice of adoption through the historical context of colonialism.

Lobbying and Advocacy 101: Legal Tips for RJ Advocates

Lobbying is not only legal – it’s an essential means for reproductive justice organizations to advance your missions! Whether it’s fighting a ballot measure or passing pro-active legislation, there are many reasons that 501(c)(3) public charities choose to lobby to achieve their policy goals. This workshop will explain what lobbying is and why it is so important.

Sex Work and Reproductive Justice

From Stop and Frisk to Crimes Against Nature laws to efforts to restrict access to social or health services based on current or former sex work, folks in the sex trade face unique barriers in accessing housing, healthcare, and freedom from incarceration. Join community activists to discuss the intersections of reproductive justice and the rights of sex workers.

Reproductive Justice Roundtable

This will be a conversation among leaders in the field, about the evolution and current state of the Reproductive Justice movement, about their own trajectories in the movement, how the RJ framework has advanced their advocacy, and the challenges facing reproductive justice activists and advocates today.

Strategic Action Session: Living Our Movements: Creating Organizational Policies that Support Reproductive Justice

Many of us spend our work and volunteer time with organizations and groups that fight for reproductive, social, birth, economic, racial, gender, and other forms of justice. But do the policies of those organizations and groups reflect our visions for the worlds we hope to build? What would that look like and how could we get there?


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