Sunday 9:00AM - 10:30AM

Teen Families Take the Lead

As a society, we are constantly told by the media, social services, government agencies, and even some fellow advocates that families led by young parents are in some way inadequate, inferior, or incapable. As members of young families, and advocates and supporters of young people, we believe a different framework is possible. Panelists will speak from their experiences as young parents, children of young parents, researchers and advocates, to shift the way we think about teen parents and young families, and how we can support all of the families that make up our resilient communities.

Transformative Justice

In order to create reproductive justice, we must work to ensure that our communities are not only surviving but thriving. We need to create healing practices that acknowledge personal and generational trauma, genocide, state violence, tradition, history and resilience. Facilitators will guide us in understanding and connecting transformative justice and reproductive justice.

Strategic Action Session: Abortion Access

Do you want to make abortion access a reality in YOUR community? Want to hear and share some strategies and tactics? In this session participants are invited to talk about activities their organizations are engaged in focused on abortion access, how the best ones could be replicated in your community, brainstorm new strategies, and create a network for support and information which can function post-conference.


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