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Leave No One Behind: Equitable Advocacy 101

It is well understood that inequitable abortion access creates a public health dilemma, but what is the impact of inequitable access to advocacy? In this workshop, we’ll define the terms advocacy, equity, and reproductive justice; reflect and discuss participation in past advocacy actions; explore the many boundaries to advocacy; and brainstorm ways we as individuals and organizations can incorporate equity into our advocacy efforts.

Latinx Unidos: Healing Through Community Building and Storytelling

From school to the workplace, navigating predominantly white spaces can be tiring. This workshop lead by Latinx, for Latinx hopes to build community and provide each other with a support group, as a way to deal with the struggles of being people of color just trying to make it. Through a mini presentation and a hands on activity, we hope to promote healing and empowerment in this space. We do welcome other people of color, but as this space is meant for Latinx issues we ask that everyone is aware that Latinx are a priority at this workshop.

Imposters, Tokens, and Sellouts: Young Women of Color in White Dominated Social Justice Space

Young women of color are the future and at the forefront of social justice movements yet still get burned by white supremacist and sexist dominant culture that exists in the social justice movement at large. This interactive workshop, focused on activists and advocates within the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements, will unpack the cultural and structural barriers young women of color are subjected to and present tools and strategies on how to navigate and challenge toxic work environments.

Demystifying MVA Abortions: The Papaya Workshop

A common perception of the Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) abortion is that the procedure is scary, complicated and intense. The purpose of this Papaya workshop is to debunk this myth through education and hands-on activities for a non-clinical audience. Using papayas as uterine models, participants will be introduced and perform their own MVA abortion. In addition to physically practicing the procedure, the audience will also learn and role play patient-centered language.

Curls and Condoms: What’s Your Sexual Health Regimen?

History shows us that women of color (WOC) were often met with shame, stigma and violence because their aesthetic did not appeal or conform to white hegemonic standards of beauty. Historically and currently, we see this reccurring theme present in conversations about WOC bodies, reproductive choices, and sexual health. We aim to bridge these two distinct but overlapping conversations as a creative tool for liberation. The natural hair community offers a space that encourages women to unapologetically reclaim who they are by embracing their natural curls, kinks and coils.

A Discussion of the Punishment and Criminalization of Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes: Dispelling the Myths, Providing the Fact

This panel will address criminalization of pregnant people, and other punitive approaches used to target pregnant women including misuse of the civil child welfare and medical systems. Presenters will discuss the increased use of arrest, detention and criminal charges against populations targeted for state control including women of color, low income women and women who use drugs.

When Care is Out of Reach: Reproductive Justice IS Economic Justice

From community health clinics to grassroots organizations to direct service collectives, activists are making interventions at every level to ensure the health and safety of their communities. Deepen your understanding of economic injustice and its connections to reproductive oppression, racism, and state violence in this informative session featuring activists and organizers from across the Midwest and South. Panelists will share challenges and innovative strategies for broadening health care access in under-resourced communities.

Black Mamas Matter: Film and Talk Back

"April 11-17, 2018 marks the first Black Maternal Health Week, which is a week of raising awareness, engaging in activism and building community because Black Mamas Matter! We are advocating for national attention to reproductive justice for Black mamas, lifting our voices for access to care and fighting for our lives and the lives of our sisters.

Immigration Justice in Dangerous Times

Today, immigrants face a dangerous social and political climate, especially those who are Black, undocumented, young, Muslim, Latinx, queer, or trans. Deadly anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric have been emboldened by the legitimization of xenophobic hysteria and overt racism in politics, media, and our daily lives. How do immigrants and undocumented folks experience the impacts of harmful political myths? And how can our movements center the needs and experiences of immigrants and their families and communities?

Calling In The Call Out Culture

We all know what it means to call someone out. Are you ready to call them IN? Calling IN challenges us to address people with compassion and a spirit of inclusion even - or especially - in the crucial moments when their behavior is problematic. Join us for a conversation on how we can achieve this accountability through love.


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