Sunday 9:00AM - 10:30AM

Sex Work is Work!

People engaged in sex work face unique barriers in seeking housing, healthcare, and freedom from incarceration and state violence. Law enforcement policies are set up to intensely police sex workers, while social and health services are set up to restrict access for current or former sex workers. All of these barriers come together to institutionalize the reproductive oppression of those engaged in sex work; or perceived to be engaged in sex work. So, how is our movement recognizing and combating this?

How We Win: Using Direct Action to Increase Access to Abortion and Advance Reproductive Justice

If we want to stop losing, we need to make it clear we're unwilling to lose. In this interactive workshop we will lead a direct action training tailored to reproductive justice activists and advocates working at the grassroots level. Using examples and clear definitions, we'll cover what direct action is, and how it's effective in bringing about change. We'll spotlight the work of intersectional social change activists, and lead a training for those interested in leading direct actions in their own communities.

Communities Need Clinics : Abortion provision in the US, mapping 2019 and intersections

This session is aimed to examine the current landscape of current available abortion provision, contraception, and sexual education in the US under the threat of Roe Vs Wade being overturned, continued changes in the ACA, and Title X. Access to reproductive healthcare is a central issue of bodily autonomy and a human right. What, where, and who is impacted will rely on how intersectional the "movement" is willing to be in its analysis of what legal, social, and community strategies are mobilized in 2019.

Linking White Supremacy and Anti-Abortion Movements

Do you know how white supremacists on the right are strategizing to advance their movements? How are white nationalist movements linked to gender-based violence and anti-abortion politics? How much of our higher education has been infiltrated by far right funders and how can we reclaim the state of our knowledge production? Panelists in this session will discuss their research into the Right and the ways in which white supremacist movements are linked to movements against reproductive justice.

Stand Up to Population Alarmism

Many of us learn from school and the media that "overpopulation" is one of the major causes, if not the major cause, of hunger, poverty, environmental degradation, migration, and even political instability. "Overpopulation" thinking often leads to harmful policies and campaigns that undermine reproductive freedom and environmental justice. Learn to combat it with fresh, feminist perspectives on population, the environment, and organizing.

Getting Started, Scaling, and Building Power: Resources for Young Activists

For 25 years, Peace First has invested in young people's ability to work for justice in their communities. On its digital platform, PeaceFirst.Org, Peace First offers planning tools, mentors, and $250 grants to a community of young people (13-25) working to solve the world's injustices. In this session, we'll be talking about the opportunities Peace First can offer to young people who want to make a difference in their community, as well as young people who have already taken action. We'll also be letting people of all ages know about these resources--young people and adults are welcome!

We are Fat Not Invisible

Creating space for FAT (sizes 16 and up) Women, to meet and network with other FAT women. Even in social justice spaces we may feel isolated and erased. This session is a safe space to network, build community, and hold space for collective healing. Collective healing spaces are important for fat bodies when we usually are the ones holding so much for not just ourselves but our community. The impact of Fatphobia in our daily lives is exhausting. We also deserve to be prioritized and cared for. This space is intended to network and build community to help us feel held and valued.

Pro-Voice Abortion Conversations: How to build relationships across difference

Exhale provides post-abortion peer counseling support for individuals through our virtual platform and facilitates abortion story sharing and pro-voice conversations on abortion within diverse communities. In this workshop, we will share the curriculum and facilitation methods we use in virtual and in-person community conversations through our Pro-Voice Ambassadors program. Our mission is to shift the culture of abortion in this country away from stigma and towards well-being with an intersectional identity framework.

Parents and Families in Our Movements

Jaspreet and Katie will facilitate a generative, open conversation as we did the 2017 iteration of this workshop. Centering the experiences of parents, caretakers, and families, workshop participants will share and vision about (1) parenting for collective liberation, (2) creating activist spaces that welcome multigenerational activism, and (3) activism for the complex, intersectional needs of parents, caretakers, families, and children/youth. This workshop is founded in the belief that we are all experts in our own lives.

Our Abortions, Our Stories (closed session)

Young people have always been at the forefront of change. Historically, young people have been the ones to envision and create a freer and more compassionate future. In this closed session, leaders of Youth Testify, a program of Advocates for Youth and the National Network of Abortion Funds will create a space where young people who have had abortions can be in community with each other, discuss the specific barriers young people face when accessing abortion care, and collaboratively create a vision for young people’s access to abortion care.


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