Saturday Session 3: 5:15PM - 6:45PM

Medicalized Bodies

The state has a long history of denying agency to people over their own bodily choices through the intersection of racist, classist, transphobic, and ablelist assumptions and the often impenetrable and conservative medical industrial complex.

CoreAlign 30-Year Strategy Conversation

CoreAlign aims to create a space for dialogue and action around the long term future of the reproductive justice movement - one that is inclusive of all our different stories, narratives, and skills. Come be a part of envisioning our 30 year strategic plan to bring our all of work together in a space that encourages curiosity, new ways of framing our activism, and a willingness to use discomfort as a tool to grow.

Birth, Parenting, Reproductive Health, and the Prison Industrial Complex

What are the realities of being incarcerated while pregnant, during childbirth, and as a parent? Birthworkers, advocates, and activists will explore the impact of incarceration on pregnant, birthing, and parenting folks and strategize about how to use a reproductive justice model in their work with people who are incarcerated – including supporting them in becoming leaders, educators, and doulas themselves.

So You Want to Have Kids

How do we create families as queer, gender non-conforming, and allied folks while still being in solidarity with social justice movements? In this workshop, we will build our knowledge of how the state has controlled the reproductive choices of disabled folks, poor folks, and communities of color, and how this connects to family creation choices we make. Through dialogue and skill sharing we will create strategies to navigate medical technologies and social services. Participants will explore how to embed anti-supremacy analysis and practices into the incredible journey of becoming parents.

Strategies for Fighting Abortion Stigma

Policymakers who chime "safe, legal, and rare" leave abortion stigmatized and those who have abortions ostracized, contributing to the vulnerability of providers, advocates and patients. Come to share strategies about how we can create a new dialogue around abortion that is grounded within the context of our lives as young people, parents, community members, allies and friends.

Resisting the Right

Attacks by the right on a range of reproductive justice issues have grown steadily more insidious in recent years. From targeting young mothers of color through racist anti-choice billboards to stacking the nation’s highest courts with anti-progressive judges, the right’s new agenda is operating on a multitude of levels. Panelists will discuss their experiences working as lifetime activists, organizers, and policy makers in the movement, and share their strategies for resisting the right’s national and global agenda.

New Horizons In Reproductive Politics

This panel will look at the changing terrain of reproductive politics and what it means for feminist organizing across borders. How do new reproductive technologies, sex selection and the commercialization of surrogacy, and the resurgence of population control challenge us to rethink the role of government regulation and medical ethics? How does the internationalization of the anti-abortion movement influence national struggles for reproductive rights? Panelists will discuss how we can make space in our movements to think through and take action on these critical developments.

Bringing Social Justice to the Family Table

By empowering people to take more risks when it comes to engaging children, this panel hopes to show that social justice can be part of your life at every stage of development. Tackling issues from reproductive rights, gender, LGBT rights, environment, war, and more, panelists will talk about their own experiences as activists and parents, and how they weave the two together. We will discuss strategies for real-life applications of social justice ideals in the home, and how to help children respectfully bring their awareness into other spaces.

At Your Cervix: A Self-Exam Workshop

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what reproductive health for folks with uteri looks like from the doctor’s side of the speculum, this workshop is for you! We’ll be discussing in unfettered, step-by-step detail what happens during a gyn exam, from chest to pelvis. The star of the show will be the speculum: participants will be given instructions, guidance, and a speculum of their very own. Bring your friends, your questions, and your all around love for demystifying reproductive health!

Reproductive Justice 101

Heard the term reproductive justice thrown around a lot? Not really sure what it means or where it comes from? As a framework that many social justice organizations and activists base their work on, it’s important for us to get a hold on what it means. Join us to have some of those questions answered and engage in a dialogue on the history, meaning, and application of reproductive justice in our work toward achieving reproductive freedom. Hear from facilitators working on reproductive justice in a number of capacities and figure out what it means for you!


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