Saturday Session 3: 5:15PM - 6:45PM

Fish Fry: Hot topics on Reproductive Justice in the South

Southerners deserve to own our narrative! This session will serve as a living anthology of reproductive justice work and progress in the South. Those closely connected to reproductive justice work in the South are strongly encouraged to step into the "fishbowl" style discussion and share their experiences. Facilitators will lead participants to address specific issues in organizing such as funding, policies, and media representation. The session will include time for questions from participants, and a brainstorming session on how we can continue these conversations.

The Familiar Made Strange: An Exploration of Disability Justice and Access in Our Racial, Economic and Multi-Issue JusticeWork

The collision of disability, economic, and racial justice are inseparable in the lived experiences of poverty, the struggles of First Nations peoples for sovereignty, work-related injuries, homelessness, sterilization, immigration, police brutality and more. Come join members of the national Disability Justice Collective (DJC) as we explore the ways ableism and disability impact our varied communities and discuss tools we can incorporate into our lives and organizing to ensure more effective collaborations with disability community.

REMIX! People of Color Talk Transforming Masculinities

This workshop is for people color only. Mixed/bi-racial/multi-racial folks welcome! This space was created to have a more intentional space for us to talk with each other. The conversations are designed to expand the way we understand gender beyond a binary of femininity and masculinity; and to offer a political framework that looks at the effects of masculinity socially and politically in our movements and organizations.

Organizing for Reproductive Justice in Religious Communities

For many of us, our activist work is informed by our religious beliefs. But how can we reconcile this work with leadership structures that are often hostile to our politics? Join panelists from diverse faith backgrounds as we connect our spiritual lives to reproductive justice, abortion rights, and LGBTQ justice, and how we bring those views back to our home communities while respecting others' beliefs.

Food Justice, Sustainability, Worker's Rights

Sustainable food system activists and advocates have long emphasized the environmental consequences of industrialized agriculture. Industrial food systems not only threaten the health of our ecological communities, but also have negative effects on the lives and health of those who work to produce the food we eat – people who are often further marginalized by sexism, racism, poverty, immigration policy, and the forces of global capitalism.

Digital Storytelling for Community Mobilization: An Introduction to the Hear Our Stories Project

In this presentation, we will share the Ford Foundation funded Hear Our Stories project, which uses new media to reveal how diasporic youth in Western Massachusetts experience and negotiate sexual health disparities. We prioritize uprooted young parenting women, whose material conditions and cultural worlds have placed them in tenuous positions, both socially constructed and experientially embodied. Existing programs and policies focused on these women fail to use relevant local knowledge and rarely involve them in messaging efforts.

Challenging Abortion Stigma on Your Campus

1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime. The 1 in 3 Campaign uses abortion story sharing, media, and activism to decrease the shame and stigma women feel around their own abortions. This session will allow participants to experience some of the stories from the 1 in 3 Campaign as well learn concrete strategies and tactics participants can employ on their campuses and communities to challenge abortion stigma and build support for abortion access.

Careers in Healthcare

Healthcare workers, educators, and providers perform unique roles in the service of reproductive justice and as every day advocates. Our panel of healthcare workers will discuss their careers, entry and training, and highlight their experiences incorporating reproductive justice into their work.

Blogging and Social Justice: A Skills-Building Workshop

This workshop will be an interactive session focused on writing political currents events pieces, how to gain a foot in the blogging world, and touch on how students might begin a political blog at their school. Today, online media is central to the spread of information and political knowledge. Blogging about current events is very connected to the evolving reproductive justice movement, because it provides a realm for people to share and exchange perspectives not represented in mainstream news.


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