Saturday Session 3: 5:15PM - 6:45PM

Youth Warriors: A Strategic Action Session for Youth Activism in Reproductive Justice

Young people have the power to make change in our communities right now! Come celebrate, learn, connect, strategize, and strive for youth empowerment as we share our visions for a stronger youth-led reproductive justice movement. This workshop is an activities-based primer to how young women of color can and are effecting change in the RJ movement and working toward healing together.

Sex Work and Reproductive Justice

People in the sex trade face unique barriers when accessing healthcare, housing, and freedom from incarceration. Reproductive oppression is institutionalized for people engaged in (or perceived to be engaged in) sex work, from Stop and Frisk and Crimes Against Nature laws to efforts to restrict access to social or health services based on current or former sex work. Join activists working to challenge and re-frame narratives around sex work and address the healthcare inaccess, criminalization, and aggressive policies targeting some of the most marginalized people in our communities.

Reproductive Justice Roundtable

A conversation among leaders in the field, about the evolution and current state of the reproductive justice movement, their own trajectories in the movement, how the reproductive justice framework has advanced their advocacy, and the challenges facing reproductive justice activists and advocates today.

Radical Lawyering and Struggles for Justice

What tensions arise for lawyers who are providing advocacy and legal services, while at the same time seeking to transform systems — and end state violence? The presenters, who are activists and lawyers, will share their experiences, discuss why they have chosen to pursue advocacy work as lawyers and how they are now using the law to advance systemic change, and encourage participants to think about what becoming a radical lawyer would mean for them.

Fighting for Reproductive Justice in Prisons

Focusing on the lived experiences of women and/or transgender people in prisons and jails, this session will expand participants' understanding of how sexism, racism and classism and gender-based violence are integral parts of these systems. Speakers will discuss innovative organizing models that ensure participation at the leadership level by incarcerated people and will focus on work happening around the country now, including campaigns to ban shackling during pregnancy, organizing to stop the building of new jails, and creating community-based wellness alternatives.

Environmental Justice 101

This interactive workshop will allow participants to explore the intersections between environmental, climate, gender, and racial justice. Presenters will highlight cross-movement work, and innovative efforts that advance just solutions to environmental problems in the U.S. and internationally.

Empowerment through Direct Care: Organizing to Provide Abortions and Support Across the Spectrum of Pregnancy

Join members of the Doula Project and the Jane Collective to share stories about organizing and creating community; learning to provide abortions and doula support during pregnancy, miscarriages and abortions; and political work that upholds individual experiences and the need for respectful and compassionate healthcare for all.

Embodied Intersections: A Disability Justice Journey

How do we embody our own struggles for justice? Where do our identities end, and our work begins? Join activist and core Disability Justice Collective member Gykyira Shoy as she introduces a disability justice framework through her own story as a trans woman with a disability. Participants will be introduced to a multi-issue disability justice platform and have a chance to pose questions.

Remembering the Voice of the Body in our Organizing Work

An opportunity for people, no matter their physical ability, to explore how using an embodied approach to connection can deepen our capacity to learn, grow, and thrive. We will use active listening, play, rhythm, movement inquiry, and collaborative practice to tune into the innate intelligence of the body, allowing its voice to inform our decision making within the workshop. We will then reflect on how these skills can translate into our lives as activists, leaders, teachers, students, and community members.

Working Against the Grain: How Low-Income People & Migrants are Creating Space to Access Healthcare / Trabajando contracorriente: Migrantes y mujeres de bajos recursos crean espacios para tener acceso al cuidado médico

Of the six million people who are unable to access the Affordable Care Act, low-income people of color and migrant LGBTQ people are among the most impacted. From states whose governors have refused to expand Medicaid to the exclusion of people based on immigration status, there remain huge gaps in healthcare access across the country. Have you thought about alternative access so that people can remain healthy despite lack of health insurance? Are you working to, or wanting to work to expand Medicaid in your state?


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