Saturday Session 3: 5:15PM - 6:45PM

Disability Justice, Feminism, and Reproductive Rights

Panelists will address the interconnections between disability justice and reproductive justice, including issues of reproductive autonomy, sexual freedom, eugenic practices, and the definition of beauty, illness and disorder. We will also present strategies for activists and allies to claim greater visibility and political rights, connect with other movements, and build community.

Intergenerational Dialogues: How to Talk About Sex with Our Mothers and Why It Needs to Happen

Come talk about sex with leaders from Jahajee Sisters, an organization of Indo-Carribbean women working for equity and justice. This interactive workshop will explore the need for intergenerational dialogue around sex and sexuality, barriers preventing this dialogue from happening, and best practices for broaching this topic across age-groups.

Building and Breaking Bonds: Our Families in the Foster System

We are living a history in the U.S. where families are targeted for the removal of their children through racism, incarceration, colonization, punitive immigration policies, and other broken and brutalizing systems. This panel conversation will speak from a personal and a systemic perspective about the ways that foster care can both break our families apart, and may also provide the space to build new bonds.

Working in the Movement

Can you follow your passion for reproductive justice, and find a job in the movement? Come hear how some activists have found and created opportunities for growth, training and development while working to advance reproductive justice.


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