Saturday Session 3: 5:15PM - 6:45PM

Reproductive Justice Beyond Bars

Participants will delve into our criminal justice and child welfare systems to learn how historically and currently, low-income, immigrant, queer and native peoples are forced to navigate child welfare systems that make the right to have a family a matter of proving their fitness to parent. Panelists will discuss the rights and injustices faced by incarcerated and previously incarcerated sex workers, the foster care-to-prison pipeline, and state sanctioned violence against pregnant and birthing people within the criminal justice system.

What's Mental Health Got To Do With It?

How do we realize reproductive health and autonomy for those living with "mental illness" or facing institutionalization? What would a radical vision of mental health look like when so many of us who struggle with our mental health and/or untreated trauma end up in prisons or institutions, especially poor folks of color? How do psychiatric diagnoses impact those already experiencing marginalization?

We Never Survive Alone: Nurturing Dependence for Femmes of Color

What does dependency look like? Who do you count on for your survival? This is a closed space for trans, queer, & disabled femmes of color where we will use self-reflection, discussion, and journaling exercises to explore how we depend on one another for survival and envision new futures where our complex existences are celebrated. In this session, we will explore and learn new skills to navigate social and emotional accountability, healing from stigmatized dependence, and practice vulnerability to form accountable supportive relationships in our personal lives.

Religion, Spirituality, and Our Struggles for Justice

For many of us, our activist work is guided by our religious or spiritual beliefs. For some, there is a disconnect that deserves to be healed. How do we bring our whole selves into our activist work? How do we mobilize our faith communities to join the fight for justice? Join panelists from from diverse religious traditions as we discuss connecting our religious and spiritual lives with our work for reproductive justice, abortion rights, and LGBTQ justice.

Staying Connected to the Movement while Parenting

As parents, people planning to parent, and people deciding whether to parent, we will name and address our collective needs. Facilitators and participants, experts of their own lives, will share ideas and resources that uplift parenting and support people in both naming our parenting needs in movement spaces and centering justice within our ideas of family.

Appropriate Whiteness

During this workshop, participants will learn how to have difficult conversations about white privilege and white supremacy with the people they love, including families, friends, and co-workers. We'll discuss how to be a "credit to your race" in becoming an abolitionist against racism in the reproductive rights movement, how to actively listen and ask questions of people of color with respect, and how to avoid denial, racial triggers, and marginalization.

#NoBanNoWallNoRaids: Arm Yourself with Information for the Frontlines

Have you ever found yourself in a well-meaning political conversation that takes a sudden turn toward the xenophobic? “I’m all for human rights but immigrants are [choose an inaccurate and dangerous stereotype to insert here: stealing our jobs, draining public funds, causing terrorism, etc.].” Come hear from panelists who are from and/or work with immigrant Muslim communities, Latinx communities, AAPI communities, and refugee communities.

My Body, My Choices: The Trans/GNC Health Education You Didn't Get in School!

Trans & gender non-conforming people often have questions about how to care for our bodies and not a lot of places to get answers. How can I reduce chances of infection when I don’t have safe access to a bathroom? Where can I find a binder that’s right for my chest? How do I tuck? How can I make prosthetics when I can’t afford them? What are the risks and benefits to silicone injections? What hormone and surgery options exist, and what will they do to my body?

Beyond Inclusivity: Understanding Trans Identities

By focusing on activists in the reproductive justice movement and professionals in the healthcare industry, this workshop will give people without trans experience the language and tools you need to support transgender and individuals personally and professionally. Even when we know support is important, it can be hard to know exactly how our support is needed. Participants will walk away with a deep and broad understanding of struggles people of trans experience may face in their day-to-day lives, as well as in the medical industry and reproductive justice spheres.

You Can't Take This Away From Me! - Abortion Pills in the Hands of Those Who Need Them

Around the world and in the U.S., abortion pills offer a safe method of abortion in the first trimester, whether provided by a medical practitioner or whether self-managed by the pregnant person. This workshop will give every participant information about how abortion pills work, what precautions are needed before using them, and what a person can expect as the pills cause an abortion. Participants will hear from an advocate and a doctor who are empowering people around the world and in U.S. with access to abortion pills.


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