Saturday Session 2: 3:15PM - 4:45PM

Creative Solutions to Abortion Restrictions

In the U.S., as in other countries, where abortion is highly restricted and not accessible, women are determined to get the healthcare they need, and taking matters into their own hands. In this workshop panelists will present an overview about self-induction abortion and conduct a values clarification exercise. We hope to raise awareness about self-induction, challenge myths and assumptions, and look at underlying values.

Contraception 101

Most of us will come into contact with contraception during our lives as sexual beings. However, the conversation around different forms of contraception is not always one that includes all of us. In this workshop we will learn about the most common forms of contraception available and their effectiveness while keeping all bodies in mind. We’ll challenge the often gendered and heteronormative language surrounding much of the information on contraception and sex in order to offer a more comprehensive and welcoming conversation when discussing contraception.

Building Faith and Secular Partnerships in the Fight for Reproductive Justice

Many communities of faith have long been partners in social justice movements. In this workshop, we will talk about why we work to strengthen faith communities engaged in reproductive justice work, such as health care, access to contraception and abortion, and sex education. Participants will gain an understanding of why faith communities can be important partners in this work, how faith leaders are currently engaging with the movement, and see examples of successful faith/secular partnerships from progressive movements.

After Tiller: The Landscape of Later Abortion in America

Later abortions (abortions after 20 weeks) only encompass 1.5% of all abortions in the United States, yet the procedures and those who provide them suffer some of the greatest attacks in reproductive healthcare. There are only four American doctors left who openly include later abortion care in their medical practice. Dr. Susan Robinson is one of these four doctors and she will join us to share her unique perspective. Wendy Robinson will share her advocacy experience around the subject as Director of Voice of Choice.

Careers in the Movement

Can you follow your passion for reproductive justice, and create a career for yourself in the movement? Come hear how our panelists have found opportunities to pursue exciting and creative work advancing reproductive justice in the law, research, advocacy, event planning, and media worlds, and in mentoring and inspiring new feminist activists.

Wellness Room Yoga

Need a moment to take time out from conference? Join us for this all levels, vinyasa style class. This session is open and affirming for all bodies, abilities, and levels of experience, and is a queer and trans safe space. There will be a limited number of mats, straps, and blocks available – if you are able to bring your own, please do so.

Abortion Access in Massachusetts: Strategic Action Session

As more limits on abortion coverage under the Affordable Care Act are proposed, state-level challenges and opportunities for expanding access to reproductive health services have become critical. Participants will share information on the affordability and accessibility of abortion under health care reform, and strategies to improve access to care in Massachusetts and their own communities. Though this session will focus on Massachusetts, the solutions generated to ensure abortion care is affordable will be applicable to other states.

Living and Thriving Positive

All people have the right not only to the care and conditions of dignity we need to lead healthy lives, but also to thrive and be supported as whole, vital members of our communities. HIV positive people and allies are working together around the world to fight for meaningful access to life-saving care and make those rights our shared reality.

Fem/mes Want Revolution: Strategic Action Session

Who is a Fem/me? How do Fem/mes respond to misogyny and femmephobia in our communities to create real, lasting change? How can Fem/mes get together to prioritize femininity and work for gender revolution? Action oriented Fem/mes will come together to strategize and problematize the definition of Fem/me, as well as discuss where our privileges intersect and complicate our identities. Let’s network and create community around the ways in which we embody, perform, create, and exist as Fem/mes.

Eugenics and Population Control

The right to choose not to have children is only a part of the fight for reproductive freedom. The state has an ongoing history of policing communities of color by denying access to reproductive services, forced sterilizations, and controlling family formation through social services and legislation of those deemed by the state as “unfit to parent.” Panelists will analyze state intervention through an historical and medical lens, experiences of incarcerated women and mothers, and the politicized messaging around immigration as a scare tactic for population control.


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