Saturday Session 2: 3:15PM - 4:45PM

Responding to Sexual Assault in our Communities

Sexual violence is not an isolated problem - it exists in all of our communities as a result of structural and power inequalities, limited access to resources and care, and a lack of culturally competent education and models for what healthy relationships can look like. What policies, networks, and accountability processes can we create that are responsive to our community’s needs?

Secks and Powah: Technology, Reproduction, and Gamer Culture

Reproductive justice begins from a vision of a better future, sired by imagination and dreaming. We will discuss the radical, intersectional history of using science fiction to visualize and promote (or decry) certain uses of reproductive technology and possible futures for reproduction, and explore gaming, particularly roleplaying gaming, as a way to imagine and embrace new technology.

Politicizing Black Wombs: the Right’s Racial Reconciliation Movement

The Christian Right’s effort to cultivate support among communities of color is not a new phenomenon, and the Right’s agenda to limit women’s bodily autonomy has been an ongoing threat for decades. But recent years have revealed increasingly sophisticated strategies. Hiding behind the façade of racial reconciliation, the Right is now pressing for dramatic rollbacks on abortion access and family planning — changes that disproportionately impact women of color.

Media Making for Change with the Youth Action Coalition

Youth Action Coalition (YAC) is an Amherst-based youth empowerment organization that combines social justice education, quality media arts and youth leadership through their unique Arts-for-Change programming. YAC youth will lead a workshop to share their individual work as well as strategies for making media for change. This workshop will draw upon ‘zine making and in-camera edits as the group works together to create short films. As a part of the workshop YAC youth will have materials to send home with participants so that they can refer to them for future use in media making.

Transforming Masculinities

This workshop is open to ALL and is designed to expand the way we understand gender beyond a binary of femininity and masculinity; and to offer a political framework that looks at the effects of masculinity socially and politically in our movements and organizations. We will look at strategies for addressing masculine privilege by sharing our stories of sexual & gender liberation in order to move masculinity from a place of power and control to a place of gender sovereignty and transformation. This workshop is open to ALL gender expressions and sexual orientations.

The Revolution Starts with Me!: Recipes, Remedies, Rituals, & Resources for Activist Self Care

Self care is giving ourselves space to name our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs so that we can engage in healthy practices that allow our needs to manifest in the best ways for us. How can activists practice self care in a world where we’re being pulled in multiple directions? How can community organizations, schools, and our communities support us in prioritizing self care? By using interactive activities, storytelling, and skill-sharing, this workshop will help activists recognize how burnout can manifest in activism and grassroots organizing.

Repealing the Hyde Amendment: the All* Above All campaign & the Movement to Ensure Abortion Access

The Hyde Amendment bars the use of federal funds to cover abortion care. Join a group of reproductive justice activists to learn more about All* Above All, the new national movement to repeal the Hyde Amendment and strengthen support for abortion access. We will discuss advocacy from local, state and national viewpoints. Come strategize, connect, and learn about ways to get involved in this work.

Queering Reproductive Justice

Queer, trans and gender non-conforming people have been deeply involved in movements for bodily autonomy and reproductive justice, but the mainstream reproductive health and rights movement has often been silent on the issues that affect these communities. Hear from panelists on how the movements for reproductive justice and LGBTQ liberation align and inform each other, and ways queer and trans experiences can be brought to the center of reproductive justice advocacy and organizing.

Performing Abortion: Sharing our Reproductive Justice Stories through the Arts

On June 25th, 2013, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis launched a filibuster of the abortion ban bill SB5 by telling the stories of Texans’ personal experiences with abortion. The unprecedented airing of these often untold stories galvanized people across the country. While acknowledging the importance of confidential, safer spaces such as abortion speak outs, this interactive workshop led by artists and activists will focus on different ways to explore reproductive justice narratives in the context of public sharing, both from a personal standpoint as well as a political one..


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