Saturday Session 2: 3:15PM - 4:45PM

Reproductive Justice in Indigenous Communities

In this session, panelists will share their strategies and experiences working within indigenous communities on issues of reproductive health, rights, and justice. Topics explored will include current legislative attacks on indigenous communities, native motherhood in academia, and two-spirit identity. Participants will leave with a grounding of reproductive justice tactics within indigenous communities.

Queering Reproductive Justice

This workshop is a robust discussion about how we can--and already do--queer RJ. Many folks in our movement identify as queer. How do we bring those identities to the table in a way that makes our movement more full and continues to incorporate those who are often marginalized? We hope participants walk away with a better sense of how to bring a queer analysis to our RJ work and spaces and how to bring some of our RJ values to queer organizing.

Using Mothers: Control and Oppression of Pregnant and Parenting Women who use Drugs - And how we can fight it!

Pregnant and parenting drug-using women face brutal stigmatization and criminalization, judgment from medical providers and social services, and targeting by the criminal injustice system. Mandatory drug testing, incarceration, and having their children abducted by the state are some of the abuses they face. This is magnified for low-income women, women of color, and those engaging in sex work. False information around physiological effects of drugs on fetal development is rampant in the medical establishment and perpetuated through national media.

Untold Stories: Supporting Storytellers for Cultural Shift

Story sharing is an increasingly popular tool for organizations to utilize in policy work, organizing, and shifting culture. But how do you know if your organization is effectively employing this tactic in a way which centers and supports the well-being of the storyteller? This workshop will explore the ways in which organizations use storytelling to move messages around stigmatized reproductive experiences, both politically and culturally, and equip participants with ways in which they can support their storytellers to ensure they have a safe and empowering sharing experience.

Beating Back the Corporate Right on Reproductive Freedom: Innovative Strategies from the Low-Wage Workers' Rights Movement

More than one in seven women – 18 million – in the United States live in poverty. These women often have little control over their work schedules, and those who parent may face grim choices about where to send their children while they are working. National workplace policies fail to ensure that working women are able to take care of their existing children, access comprehensive and high-quality reproductive healthcare, and make reproductive choices that are truly the choices they want to make.

Full-Spectrum Doula Practice 101: Starting a Doula Organization or Collective

Since 2007, the term "full-spectrum" and "radical" doula have been applied to organizations forming around the country which support all pregnant people and pregnancy outcomes. Members of the Full Spectrum Reproductive Support Network believe that we can learn from each other to expand this support, and that we must collaborate across geographic borders in order to build a culture that advances the tenets of reproductive justice. Our presentation will focus on building the capacity of existing and future full spectrum and radical doula groups around the country.

Breaking it Down: Identifying and Smashing Barriers to Youth Sexual Health Care

Young people face unique barriers when accessing sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion notification laws, access to contraception, Title IX compliance at their institutions, and access to comprehensive sexual health education that reflects their lives. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss barriers unique to young people and explore the intersections of race, socioeconomic status, ability, gender identity and sexual orientation in a young person’s capacity to access needed care.

RE-MIX! talkin’ that transformative masculinity talk

We learn a lot about gender roles in our families and in our communities. What are the stories of resilience you hold that support people in transforming their relationships to masculinity? This workshop will explore the stories and strategies that remind us that masculinity can exist without the trappings of patriarchy. Storytelling, ritual, and political education will be the tools we pull from to craft new visions of sexual and gender liberation. This group is open to all and there will be dedicated time for a POC only space within the workshop.

The Unsustainability of The Military Industrial Complex

The U.S. military-prison-industrial-complex is a threat to our health and the future of our planet. The military and the national security state, including U.S. border enforcement and unsustainable prisons, degrade the environment and endanger our health and rights. Learn about how the U.S. military--the biggest culprit behind global environmental degradation--guzzles oil, develops and disposes of weapons, and creates a toxic legacy. Hear how U.S. border enforcement degrades the environment as it tramples on the health and rights of immigrants.

Full-Spectrum Doula Practice 101: Starting a Doula Organization or Collective

Since 2007, full-spectrum and radical doula organizations have formed around the country to serve the needs of many communities. This workshop seeks to focus on building the capacity of existing and future full-spectrum and radical doula groups around the country by fostering collaborative learning and strategizing across geographic borders.


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