Saturday Session 2: 3:15PM - 4:45PM

Fund Abortion, Build Power! Activism for Direct Service and Movement Building

Abortion funds, particularly in the South, are innovating around what it means to address immediate abortion access needs while working towards long term cultural and political change; in other words, what it means to fund abortion and build power. In pursuit of reproductive justice, abortion funds are also transforming the practice of funding from a charitable action into a movement building vehicle by working to center the leadership of people from communities most affected by abortion access issues.

Coming Home: The Love & Struggle Between Trans & Reproductive Justice

In reproductive justice there has been a growing question around where and how trans identity, issues and movement building intersects. How do we build stronger connections to trans movement building within reproductive justice that also uplifts and honors the work of cis women of color? What are the barriers to building stronger solidarity across movements? How can we begin to build models of collaboration from a place of wholeness, history and accountability?

A Teen Parent Inclusive Movement

The ability to decide when and how to have children is a crucial aspect of the reproductive justice movement. Throughout history, some women have been discouraged, coerced and outright prevented from being parents, including teen parents. Young people who have children are often stigmatized, shamed, and disenfranchised in their role as parents.

Strategic Action Session: Reproductive Justice in Communities of Color

Women of color-led organizations are leading the fight for reproductive justice at the local and national levels. In this strategic action session, staff from several organizations will talk about their work, highlighting current campaigns and recent successes and challenges. What does reproductive justice look like in our communities right now? How do race, ethnicity, and identity intersect with reproductive justice?

Population and Contraceptive Safety

Long-acting reversible contraceptives (like IUDs and hormonal implants) and hormonal injections (like Depo-Provera) are considered the most "effective" methods because of their efficacy at preventing pregnancy. Promoted over other contraceptives, like barrier methods and the pill, they are disproportionately marketed and prescribed to young women, women of color, and women in the global South. LARC are also promoted as a way to reduce the need for abortion.

Housing, Land, and Reproductive Justice

Being able to access safe and affordable housing is a reproductive justice issue. Lack of housing has significant impact on individuals and families and has served, and continues to serve, as a site of oppression for many communities. Participants in this workshop will learn how communities and activists are helping to increasing access to housing through land trusts and other actions.

Hitting the Spot: Pleasure-Based Sex Education for All

Our formal, school-based sex education is lacking. But what about our sexual pleasure education? It’s practically non-existent. How do we learn to make ourselves and our partners feel sexual pleasure? Often by accident, often by guess-and-check, and way-too-often in ways that are terribly misinformed by Google, social mores, and sweeping generalizations about what “everyone likes”. This workshop will explore how we learn about pleasure by touching on some of our most pleasurable spots - the G-Spot, C-Spot (clitoris) and P-Spot (prostate). Where are these spots? Why do they feel good?

Strategic Action Session: Gender Responsive Is Not Gender Justice: Exploring Movement-Building, Messaging, and Solidarity Across Prison Walls

This is a skill share workshop that will explore how to develop tools and messaging with folks currently imprisoned to battle back against Gender Responsive developments to the criminal justice system -- a vital issue for those engaged in anti-prison work. We will explore what solidarity work and ally-ship can look like across prison walls, how organizations like Justice Now and the Prison Birth Project empower people as activists, and what barriers exist to facilitating anti-prison organizing.

"You can't take this away from me" - Self Induction Abortion in the US

Abortion is stigmatized and mystified. Yet millions of women around the world have safely induced their own abortions with medicines. Knowledge about safe abortion with pills belongs in our own hands, and this workshop will provide information about precautions, how the medicines work, safest way to use them, and when a clinician must be consulted. It is our human right to have this knowledge and to share it.


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