Saturday Session 2: 3:15PM - 4:45PM

Queer Organizing Down South

This session will uplift the organizing in queer communities in the U.S. South. Activists working with and for queer communities will share their unique experiences of doing this work in this region. What does it mean to do this work in our queer communities? The session will include time for questions from participants, and a brainstorming session on how we can continue these conversations.

HIV/AIDS is a Reproductive Justice Issue!

Mass Incarceration. Poverty. Homophobia. Gender Inequity. Lack of Access to Quality Healthcare. What's really fueling the HIV/AIDS pandemic? This panel will explore the political and public health context of HIV/AIDS, review recent policy wins and losses that affect the lives of people living with HIV and their families, and discuss oppressive policies and patterns that make some communities the most vulnerable to the virus and its effects. Let's talk about how we can turn the tide together!

Birthing a Movement

This workshop will explore how control over birthing experiences has been a part of the broader fight for reproductive rights and body sovereignty. Speakers will discuss the history of medicalized birth, racism's role in creating health disparities, the move of birth out of the hands of midwives, efforts to address obstetric violence, and efforts to expand the doula and midwifery models of care.

Abortion Access in Latin America / El acceso al aborto en América Latina

Latin America is home to five of the seven countries in the world in which abortion is banned in all instances, even when the life of the pregnant person is at risk. Ninety five percent of people of reproductive age in the region live under abortion restrictions, and unsafe abortion is estimated to be the cause of one out of every eight pregnancy/birth-related deaths. The laws criminalizing abortion in the region have been inherited from colonial powers, the legacy of the Spanish and Portuguese empires; today, the global agenda of the religious right fuels opposition to abortion.

A Timeline Installation on Resiliency Strategies to Transform the Medical Industrial Complex

The medical industrial complex is an industry based on pathologizing the most marginalized communities–including Black & People of Color, People with Disabilities, low income, incarcerated, LGBTQGNC & Two Spirit, and immigrant communities, and so many others who have been experimented on, policed, and institutionalized–under the guise of 'national security' and 'healthy communities'. We will explore notions and history of 'health and healthy' in relationship to capitalism, population control, and policing our bodies through scientific racism and medicalization.

Trials and Triumph of Being Radical from the Inside Out

Hear directly from currently incarcerated individuals and build strategy and support with formerly incarcerated Justice Now activists in this interactive session. Presenters will share their vision of abolition and inspiring resilience through stories of the trials and triumphs of being radical from the inside out. Join us as we dream beyond prison walls to build a future free of prisons and state violence where families are whole and communities are supported.


Movement Building: Mobilizing the Voices of Black Women

Black women get candidates elected! As a voting bloc, when engaged and informed on the issues that impact them, their families and their communities, Black women mobilize at a greater rate than any of their peers across race, ethnicity, class, and even gender. During our presentation we will highlight what those policy issues are and why they are so meaningful and impactful for Black women.

How to keep on living when the world wants you dead:building healing&survival strategies for queer&trans women&femmes of color

This is a closed space for queer and trans women and femmes of color to share, collectively heal, and envision futures and communities where our wellness, labor, and existence are uplifted and valued. By prioritizing the presence and experience of sick and disabled femmes, we will explore survival strategies for navigating the impact of systemic oppression on our health and wellness. Participants will leave the session with greater knowledge of how to support and uplift queer and trans women and femmes of color across intersections, within movement/community building, and beyond.

How Do You Bring Feminism to High School?

How do you bring feminism into high school culture, curriculum, and community? This caucus, facilitated by co-leaders of the Northampton High School International Women's Rights Club, will lead a create a space for students, educators, and parents working to bring feminism to their school communities to share visions and strategies. This session is open to people at all levels of experience with activism and social justice issues.

Hitting the Spot: Pleasure-based Sex Education for All

Our formal, school-based sex education is lacking. But what about our sexual pleasure education? How do we learn to make ourselves and our partners feel sexual pleasure, confidently and consensually? This workshop will explore how we learn about consensual pleasure by discussing some of our most pleasurable spots—the G-Spot, C-Spot (clitoris) and P-Spot (prostate). Where are these spots? What kind of sex toys, lubricants and techniques can we use to help us make them feel good? How can practicing consent lead to greater sexual pleasure?


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