Saturday Session 2: 3:15PM - 4:45PM

Building Student Power & Organizing for Reproductive Justice

This workshop will be a space for students to share skills, tools, strategies, and experiences related to organizing for reproductive justice on college campuses. Participants will leave with a communication network and a collaborative list of tangible strategies and tools for our organizing work. We will go back to our campuses with a stronger sense of our identities and of ways in which we can center womxn and people of color in our movements.

Abortion Access: Threats and Resistance

Session description: Efforts to restrict access to safe and legal abortion persist, disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable people in our society and worldwide. Panelists will talk about current barriers to access and discuss activist strategies to reduce stigma and broaden conversations about abortion beyond the experiences of cisgender women; funding networks for abortion; fighting back against the criminalization of self-induced abortion; and campaigns that position the right to abortion within the broader reproductive justice and human rights frameworks.

Youth in Feminism: What It Means To Be Young and Passionate, AND How You Can Support Us

This session will be teen-feminist led, talking about what it means to be young feminists in 2017 who fearlessly work towards reproductive justice (even when our communities aren't supportive). We are both supported and thwarted by non-feminists and "veteran" feminists alike. Calling young feminists! Let's talk about what we are doing when no one is looking. Calling youth advocates! Come learn from us. Together, we will openly discuss how we can motivate and take action for an intergenerational, feminist future.

Black Lives Matter Panel

Join folks from the Black Lives Matter Global Network for a discussion about reproductive justice and Black LIves Matter. The challenges to whole and healthy Black lives are vast and varied, ranging from body autonomy to police brutality to poisoned water in Flint, MI, and more. This will be an interactive workshop that digs into how we approach our work and what that actually means for Black lives and futures.

Amplifying Voices: People Living with HIV/AIDS Fight a Pandemic

What will it take to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic? This panel will explore the relationship between the complex experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS, the research that quantifies their experiences, and how these experiences are used to advocate for policy change. In order to beat this pandemic, we will hear from people living with and affected by HIV, as well as advocates, and discuss how to protect and support our communities of color, immigrant communities, women, girls, and/or trans/non-binary people who are most affected.

The War Against Immigrants: Immigration Justice In Dangerous Times

Immigrant communities, including undocumented immigrants, communities of color, Muslims, and those identifying as LGBTQ, face a dangerous social and political climate. Racist policies and rhetoric have been emboldened by the new Administration that ran its electoral campaign on a racist and xenophobic anti-immigrant platform, that it is now being rapidly enacted. In this session, activists on the frontlines will discuss the realities of scapegoating, criminalization, detention and deportation, and share strategies for political intervention and advocacy for immigrant communities.

Nuestras Raíces Youth to the Front!

Nuestras Raíces is a grassroots urban agriculture organization based in Holyoke, MA. Our mission is to create healthy environments, celebrate “agri-culture,” harness our collective energy, and advance our vision of a just and sustainable future. Come learn from Holyoke teens who are using food, discussion, and action to make this happen for our schools and our city.

Learning from the past to make a better future: Five easy things activists can do to save their histories

How did we get started? Was it always like this? Why are we part of this partnership? Have we ever gotten a grant from that organization before? Every day, activists in the field work so hard to make today and tomorrow better that it’s sometimes difficult to pay attention to the past -- or to make sure that we document what we’re doing today. This panel of archivists will discuss how we can all find power from the past and will suggest some easy things we can all do to preserve our stories for the future.

Demystifying MVA Abortions: The Papaya Workshop

A common perception of the Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) abortion is that the procedure is scary, complicated, and intense. The purpose of this Papaya workshop is to debunk this myth and other myths through education and hands-on activities for a non-clinical audience. Using papayas as uterine models, participants will be introduced to and perform their own MVA abortion on a papaya.

Religious Liberty: It's Not Just For the Christian Right

Religious liberty is a central issue of our time. The Christian Right, (having lost on matters of abortion rights and marriage equality in the courts) is increasingly reframing its agenda in terms of religious liberty -- seeking exemptions from the law by stretching and manipulating the meaning of religious liberty in order to legalize discrimination. This workshop aims to equip organizers, activists, journalists, and academics with a basic knowledge of what religious liberty is and isn't, how the Christian Right is employing the term, and how to we need to respond.


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