Saturday Session 2: 3:15PM - 4:45PM

Youth's Meaningful Involvement in HIV Education

SisterLove, Inc. is the oldest women-centered HIV and sexual & reproductive justice advocacy organization in the Southeastern United States. Their Healthy Love Youth Advocates creates unique programming to educate peers about HIV, Healthy Love, Knowing Their Status and more. Our approach uses a combination of advocating and educating young people on policy and in house peer to peer education to fully talk about reproductive justice through the lens of HIV/AIDS.

At the Intersection of Immigration and Reproductive Justice

Immigrant communities are facing a multitude of deadly anti-immigrant policies prohibiting them from accessing the basic safety, support, and healthcare that they need. Immigrant communities are constantly being destabilized by the ICE raids, detainments, and deportations; as well as widespread violent anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from all sides of the United States. How are immigrants and undocumented folks being impacted by the social and political climate of today? How can our movements center the experiences and needs of immigrants, their families, and their communities?

Birth Justice 101

This workshop will introduce participants to the Birth Justice framework through examining how pregnancy, birth and parenting intersect with social, racial and economic justice. Participants will have the opportunity to get involved with interactive methods and tools to engage with building the Birth Justice movement, and will hear from midwives, doulas, and advocates about issues like expanding access to doula care, supporting parents and families through perinatal loss, and the crisis of rising maternal and infant mortality rates in the US.

Building Student Power & Organizing for Reproductive Justice.

This workshop will be a space for students to share skills, tools, strategies, and experiences related to organizing for reproductive justice on college campuses. Participants will leave with a communication network and a collaborative list of tangible strategies and tools for our organizing work. We will go back to our campuses with a stronger sense of our identities and of ways in which we can center womxn and people of color in our movements.

Cultivating Spirituality & Faith-Based Strategies in the Fight for Reproductive Justice

Faith and reproductive justice: we don’t often hear these words in the same sentence. Yet, more and more people are fighting for human rights and bodily autonomy because of their faith — not in spite of it. In this interactive caucus session, join people of faith from diverse spiritual/religious traditions as we discuss bringing our whole selves to the work for reproductive, racial, and economic justice.

Abortion Access: Overcoming Barriers and Removing Obstacles

Efforts to restrict access to safe and legal abortion persist, disproportionately affecting the most marginalized people in our society and worldwide. Join us to hear from a distinguished panel of advocates and providers working at the frontlines in hostile climates to discuss the current landscape of (in)access to abortion care. Panelists will talk about current barriers to accessing care and discuss multi-pronged strategies to reduce stigma and add nuance to the conversation about abortion.

Youth Organizing, better than sex

We hope to bring attention to the importance that youth organizing has had and continues to have in the fight for reproductive justice. Due to ageism, youth may often feel excluded from feeling empowered to create the change they seek. Our goal is to make youth feel empowered to organize within their communities unapologetically. This workshop is open to all youth; however, will be prioritizing youth of color.

Transforming Culture by Talking Back to Your Parents

Growing up in multicultural community can mean individuals feel stuck between two worlds of embracing traditions while advocating for progressive and social change. When our communities are under attack or targeted by law enforcement, we instinctively want to protect our families. Even as we work to protect and preserve our cultural traditions, we are challenged with how to transform outdated attitudes and beliefs. Respecting elders is a cultural norm that is passed down through the generations.

Towards a Culture of Consent : Transformative Justice Toolkit for LGBTQ+ Communities and Beyond!

This workshop will explore sexual violence as a phenomenon that is structurally and culturally upheld. By examining media representation of recent sexual assault cases, we will identify the danger in a single narrative. We will provide background on how sexual violence manifests in marginalized communities, particularly amongst LGBTQ+ folks. Observations from community based and grassroots violence prevention will lead us to restorative and transformative justice principles.

Talking About Mental Health Justice

Mental health justice is a human rights issue. Caregivers experience stigma, institutional trauma, and toxic stress while navigating broken systems that fail to meet their children’s needs. This caucus is an opportunity to participate in a wisdom-collective of individuals touched by children’s mental health and the policies and practices that make up the school-to-prison pipeline within the United States.


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