Saturday Session 1: 1:15PM - 2:45PM

Reproductive Justice 101

Reproductive justice was coined in 1994 by Women of African Descent for Reproductive Justice, a group of Black women who recognized that the white-led women's rights movement was not prioritizing issues critical to women of color, and that we must represent our own communities. This workshop will discuss some of the history of RJ as well as give participants a chance to express their RJ stories.

Pipelines, Toxins, & Environmental Racism: Reproductive and Environmental Justice

Commercial personal care products are funneling toxins into the bodies of women of color. Pipelines are being built through sacred land and then leaking into the earth, into our water, and into our bodies. Gas and oil industries infiltrate communities, with disproportionate impacts on people of color and Native communities. This panel of activists will delve into how these and other urgent environmental issues are functioning within the larger framework of environmental racism.

Reproductive Justice Beyond Bars

Panelists will delve into our criminal justice and child welfare systems to learn how historically and currently, low-income, immigrant, queer and native peoples are forced to navigate systems that make the right to have a family a matter of proving their fitness to parent, specifically focusing on barriers used to criminalized pregnant people who are currently using drugs or have used drugs in the past. Panelists will discuss the rights and injustices faced by currently and previously incarcerated people seeking adequate reproductive health care.

Mobilizing at the Local & State Levels

How can we exercise our power locally? What does it mean to mobilize at the state level? This panel will delve into the ways in which we can organize around reproductive justice issues from the grassroots level to the state legislature. We will discuss ways in which young people can promote their voices in their local and state governments, as well as how pro-reproductive justice legislation can be brought to the floor.

DIY Feminist Coloring Book Workshop

This workshop with Jacinta Bunnell is like diving into the craft cabin at your favorite feminist summer camp. Using found images from pop culture, you will transform these ordinary images into your own gender-tastic and feminist coloring book. Because so much of children’s media does not include Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Gender-fluid and Feminist characters and ideas, we will deliberately work to change this. Hundreds of these D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) coloring books exist around the country as Jacinta has left behind a trail of inspiration in every place she's traveled.

The Christian Right’s Successful Strategies to Stop Abortion Access, Attack LGBT Rights, & Codify Conservative Religious Values

The Christian Right is one of the most successful social and political movements of modern times, yet its persistence and effectiveness has repeatedly caught those defending LGBT and reproductive health, rights, and justice off guard. Understanding the scope and resilience of this dynamic movement is essential. To defeat the Christian Right and secure bodily autonomy for everyone, we must understand what has made the Christian Right so successful, and we must be willing to rethink the infrastructure and strategies that LGBT and reproductive justice movements employ.

Taking Control of our Reproductive Health - Self Managed Abortion, Safe and Supported

Abortion restrictions in the U.S. are proliferating at a frightening speed and legal abortion itself on the line in the face of a conservative majority in the Supreme Court. In this political context, it is urgent that we widely distribute Information about abortion pills, and build strategies to put these directly into our own hands. In this workshop, participants will learn about how the pills work, and receive information about how they are used safely with and without medical supervision.

Survivor Justice & Direct Action: Building Power to Win Change for Survivors

We exist at a collective tipping point, at the intersection of the survivor movement, transforming accountability, solidarity, healing, and progress for survivors, and the Trump administration’s attacks on vital rights and protections for survivors and marginalized people. Now more than ever, we need a powerful, intersectional, informed, and active survivor justice movement.

Survival Toolbox: Strategies from Catholic Campuses for the Conservative Climate

In this open caucus space, students from Catholic colleges and universities gather to share stories and lessons from their experiences organizing for reproductive justice on their campuses and the significance of doing this work in the current national political climate. What can these struggles learn from one another? This caucus invites student leaders and their allies to connect with one another, discuss the cultural traditions and power structures unique to Catholic campuses, and share strategies that work to advance reproductive justice within those environments.

Speaking Truth to Power: Public Testimony & Comments for RJ

In 2017, Senator Charles Schwertner drew headlines when he broke a glass table while trying to silence an advocate testifying against an anti-abortion bill in Texas. In 2018, Parkland survivor Aalayah Eastmond and disability rights advocate Elizabeth Weintraub testified before the Senate about the devastating impact Judge Kavanaugh would have if appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Public testimony draws media attention to critical issues, influences law and policymakers, and facilitates cross-movement work.


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