Friday 4:30PM - 6:00PM

International Roundtable on Reproductive Rights and Human Rights

Researchers and activists from different countries will share their diverse experiences redefining feminism and promoting and defending reproductive and sexual health and rights around the world. Come to hear about our colleagues' successes in different political and cultural contexts, and to discuss strategies for transnational organizing.

Environmental Justice: Toxic Legacies and Transformative Change

The people of color-led environmental justice (EJ) movement has challenged mainstream environmentalism by centering complex social problems like the disproportionate exposure of communities of color to toxic contamination. Panelists will speak to their personal relationships to environmental health and safety, the EJ movement, and the power of community-based action.

Caucus for People of African Descent

Though a collective and group driven process open to people of African Descent, we will explore questions including what the critical conditions are for People of African Descent in our movement(s), what is at stake for our leadership and collective well being, ways the Reproductive Justice movement can better honor Black leadership and our legacy of organizing, and what will be vital to our collective survival as People of African Descent in our movements. This caucus space is held in solidarity with other spaces for Indigenous people and communities of color at the conference.

Abortion Access in the U.S.

Will explore current barriers to abortion access in the U.S., including recent attacks on funding and health care coverage for abortions, and clinic disparities. Come hear how advocates are meeting these threats by organizing grassroots abortion Funds, working to include abortion in family medicine, and using a broad call for reproductive justice to mobilize new allies and inspire new generations to be activists and providers.


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