Friday 4:30PM - 6:00PM

Crunk Feminism: Digital Activism for the Real World

Energetic, insightful and provocative, the Crunk Feminist Collective (CFC) aims to “create a space of support and camaraderie for hip-hop-generation feminists of color.” Their view of feminism is unapologetic and in your face, like crunk music. The digital community they’ve created is a space to discuss ideas and feminist goals, to fully express oneself, support one another and create fellowship between feminists. They champion the possibilities of online and digital feminisms.

Strategic Action Session: Cross-Movement Organizing in the South

How are southern organizers engaging with the various issues that are affecting their cities and communities? In recent months, we have seen the denial of civil rights through voter ID laws, anti-abortion legislation and harsh attacks on immigrant communities and poor families. What strategies are activists in the South using to connect their personal and political lives? Join us as we discuss ways to re-root the struggle for queer, trans, abortion, and immigrant rights in our southern communities.

State Violence

State violence is an omnipresent threat for those in our communities visibly marked as “not belonging here” through their race, class or gender presentation - and most often the intersection of all three. Presenters will speak to their activism around NYPD’s stop and frisk policy, fighting ICE deportations, creating communal space for LGBT youths of color, and reclaiming colonized land. We will strategize community-based approaches to respond to state actors and interventions.

Re-Centering People of Color in Conversations about Gentrification and Strategies for Moving Forward

Conversations about gentrification in majority-white progressive communities often focus on the experiences of young white people concerned about where to live without being labeled “gentrifiers.” This panel re-centers the experiences of people of color by telling the history of systemic racism in urban planning and housing policy, and discussing how housing, development, HIV/AIDS, and drug policy intersect to displace communities of color and act as a form of reproductive violence.

Criminalizing Our Bodies: Drug Use, Sex Work, and Reproductive Justice

Conservative policies are increasingly targeting sex workers: from laws requiring convicted sex workers to register as sex offenders, the use of condoms as criminal evidence, and efforts to restrict access to social or health services based on current or former sex work. And due to politicized funding restrictions, many providers are forced to adopt an “all or nothing” model of care over harm reduction programs with proven results – while the actual voices and experiences of sex workers are silenced.

Rural and Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice

We're the center of somewhere, not the middle of nowhere! This panel will address challenges and opportunities for reproductive and social justice organizing in conservative states and rural communities. We'll be highlighting issues such as resisting attempts to restrict abortion access and shining light on the history and ongoing work of taking strong stands for sexuality, race, gender, and class identities within our communities.

RingShout for Reproductive Justice: Cultural Arts for Direct Action

RingShout is a performance ensemble that affirms, works and envisions a world that allows black women to be fearless, informed and supported in making moves to choose when, how and what we want to create. This workshop is an interactive arts-based experience that explores rituals and practices for amplifying reproductive health in local communities. We will engage in popular education and theatre of the oppressed methods as well as community dialogue to explore a cultural arts reproductive justice framework.

Pre-Abortion Speakout Discussion

This safe and supportive space is intended to help those who have had abortions and may be planning to speak (and their friends, partners, and family members) prepare for Friday night’s abortion speak out. Kyle and Colby, the speak out committee co-chairs, are available to facilitate discussion and answer questions. Attendees should feel free to come and go as they wish.

The Papaya Workshop: An Introduction to Early Abortion

Join us to learn about early abortion options and debunk common myths about abortion care. A health care provider will lead the group through an options counseling session and explain the two forms of early abortion. Participants will watch (and perform!) a manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) on a papaya. Papayas are a natural model of the uterus commonly used for medical training in MVAs. We will also discuss how language and misinformation create stigma and obscure health care options.

Birth Work for Activists!

This collaborative workshop on midwifery and full spectrum doula care is for everyone, including current and future birth workers! We will briefly cover the following areas: abortion care, birth, intrauterine insemination, pelvic self-exam, and sexological body work! With an historical analysis, we will make explicit the connections between birth work and reproductive justice, and how birth work and full spectrum doula care has the potential to interrupt the dynamics of racism, sexism, classism, transphobia, and ableism that are built into the U.S. medical system.


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