Friday 4:30PM - 6:00PM

ArtMoves: Love, Sex, Family & Community

What if we regularly spent time making art? What sort of untapped potential might we unlock? What kinds of new images and visions might we create? How might art and activism come together to make those visions a reality? Exploring your work and lives through different artistic mediums, participants will create art and practice visioning how we get the Love, Sex, Family & Community that we all need and deserve. Open to artists, activists, and those who identify as both!

We Testify: Our Abortion Stories

Almost a third of people who can become pregnant will have an abortion by age 45, and most people only tell 1 or 2 people in their lives. As people who have abortions, we often experience shame and stigma from our communities, society, and even ourselves. In this closed session for people who have had abortions, we will hold space with one another, learn about abortion stigma and how it impacts our experiences, and share our stories. This workshop is led by We Testify, a program of the National Network of Abortion Funds, which seeks to build the leadership of people who’ve had abortions.

Embodied Leadership

This workshop will demonstrate simple steps participants can take to attune to the embodied, relational, and emotional aspects of your nervous system. In doing so, we integrate the intelligence of the body into our activism, organizing, leading, and education work. We deepen our capacity to connect across difference, and we create access to greater cognitive functioning.

#BeBoldEndHyde: The Movement to End the Hyde Amendment

For 40 years, the Hyde Amendment has targeted poor people, people of color and young people by banning abortion coverage from Medicaid--condemning many to unsafe procedures or unwanted pregnancies. Women of color in the reproductive justice movement have risen up to take on Hyde and, with it, 40 years of stigma and silence. In the last 5 years, All* Above All introduced the EACH Woman Act, proactive state & local policies, built relationships with the economic justice movement, and mobilized thousands of grassroots supporters.

The Revolution Starts with Me: Recipes, Remedies, Rituals and Resources for Activist Self Care

Newly revised for 2017, this session brings together new and seasoned activists who are dedicated to making community and societal change, AND who are faced with the too-real task of balancing the demands of families, peers, and communities. We are committed to creating a balance between advocating for others and taking care of ourselves. But how do we prioritize self care when we’re being pulled in multiple directions? And what can we do when self care doesn’t feel like an option?

Boston Doula Project: A Case Study on Reclaiming Space for BIPOCs

This is a closed session for black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) to explore the challenges faced by BIPOCs when working with a white feminist approach to reproductive health organizing. Boston Doula Project will offer a brief overview of its history and share strategies around reclaiming spaces for BIPOC with attention to relational building, affinity spaces and organizing against oppressive dynamics. We are committed to centering and uplifting the voices of black womxn, trans and non-binary people.

Birth Is More Than A Moment: Birth Justice In Our Communities

This panel will explore how control over birthing experiences has been a part of the broader fight for reproductive rights and body sovereignty. Speakers will discuss their experiences with birth INjustices and with creating experiences of birth justice. We will address racism's role in health disparities, reclaiming our traditional knowledge, efforts to expand community-based and full-spectrum models of care, mental healthcare and depression, and holding the movement accountable to the full spectrum of birthing experiences (including abortion, loss, and postpartum).

Survival and Resilience in the Child Welfare, Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

State interference disproportionately affects the integrity of families in the most vulnerable circumstances, including those facing deep poverty, disability, mental health issues, drug addiction, and incarceration. Advocates from Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, the Incarcerated Parents Project, and Justice Now will discuss how these laws and policies, combined with the lack of concrete, systemic supports, destabilize low income families and communities, and their work to share information, resources and strategies to create wellness and build community power.

Reproductive Justice 101

Heard the term reproductive justice thrown around a lot? Not really sure what it means or where it comes from? As a framework that many social justice organizations and activists base their work on, it’s important for us to understand what it is we are talking about. Join us to have some of those questions answered and engage in a dialogue on the history, meaning, and application of reproductive justice in our work toward achieving reproductive freedom. Hear from facilitators working on reproductive justice in a number of capacities and figure out what it means for you!

Qs About the T: Talking About Trans* Lives and Experiences

New allies encouraged to attend! This workshop is a 101-level crash course in navigating discussions about the trans* and gender-variant community. Structured as half-lecture, half-Q&A, participants will first build foundational knowledge around privilege and oppression, trans* terminology, and issues affecting the community. The presenter will then open themself up to answer all your burning questions about their own experiences, and what their life is like as a trans*-identified person. All are welcome!


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