Friday 4:30PM - 6:00PM

Birth Justice 101

This workshop will introduce participants to the Birth Justice framework by examining how pregnancy, birth, and parenting intersect with social, racial, and economic justice. We will also explore the rising maternal and infant mortality rates in this country, with a particular lens toward intersectional analysis. Participants will have the opportunity to get involved with interactive methods and tools to build the Birth Justice movement and strategize about how to utilize a radical approach to organizing, education, and access to birth options, including midwifery care.

Artivism 101: How Arts and Culture Are Integral to Our Fight for Reproductive Freedom

In order to build new futures, we must first imagine them. And it will take creativity to address long-standing problems facing our communities. Now more than ever, the role of artists and cultural workers are essential to our social movements. In this interactive workshop, we will identify and discuss how artists and cultural workers partner with institutions and work on their own to create performances, illustrations, and other works that advance reproductive freedom. Using the technology of improvisation and freestyle, the workshop will culminate with the sacred tradition of the cypher.

Age Does Not Define a Good Parent: Shifting the Narrative Around Youth Sexuality

The dominant framework around youth sexuality fails to recognize the complex socioeconomic realities Latinx youth experience. Join California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CLRJ) as we discuss how our long-term initiative, Justice for Young Families (J4YF), is shifting the narrative around pregnant and parenting youth through social media campaigns and storytelling.

State Violence and the Criminalization of Our Bodies and Communities

What is state violence, and what are its impacts on our communities? How do institutions and policies deliberately target and criminalize communities of color? How can—and do—movements work to combat the realities of state-sanctioned violence and racism? Join this panel of activists mobilizing against state violence and criminalization at the intersections of policing and police violence, mass incarceration, immigration and detention, and trans/queer liberation to learn more about the movements challenging these threats to our communities.

Resist the Right: Cultivate Radical, Inclusive, Intersectional Power

We are resisting, and we have been resisting. While we have worked to actualize a vision of collective liberation, where struggles for LGBTQ rights, racial justice, indigenous sovereignty, disability justice, prison abolition, immigrant rights, and abortion access are understood to be fundamentally linked, the Right has attempted to—sometimes successfully—drive wedges into the borders of our communities, fragmenting our movements and our beings.

Now What? Strategy Session on Building a Trans Reproductive Justice Agenda

In 2016's panel we laid the foundation for a healing space to talk about the ways in which Black women, cis and trans, are pitted against each other for space around reproductive justice issues. Now we want to take that momentum and talk about how to advance this conversation that shares strategies and serve as a space to think outside the box around how we build relationships and move work.

Red State Resistance: Missed Connections

Abortion is a centerpiece of reproductive access organizing, especially in conservative areas where it is heavily restricted. Though abortion is essential to overall access to reproductive autonomy, the challenges faced by trans people of color in red states are often ignored or not at all addressed by the abortion access movement. In this session, we ask participants to interrogate the impacts of this focus on abortion and identify what unaddressed gaps are part of true access to reproduction.

Survivor Justice & #MeToo: Building Student Power to End Sexual Violence and Lead Change for Survivors

We are at a collective tipping point. We exist at the intersection of the revolutionary #MeToo movement, transforming accountability, solidarity, healing, and justice for survivors, and the Trump administration’s attacks on vital rights and protections for survivors and marginalized people. Now more than ever, we need a powerful, intersectional, and informed survivor justice movement.

Mother Who Works the Land - Decolonizing Reproductive Justice and Building Collective Voice on Land, Body and Place

This interactive workshop is intended to provide a forum where reproductive justice is explored through the lens of Indigenous and land based peoples. Through the facilitation of Trauma Rocks, a multigenerational story of trauma and resiliency, we will provide a space that is both experiential and visual for participants to understand the fundamental connections of land and bodies.

How Do Families Resist?

Building on past conversations at CLPP within COFFEE (Conference on Feminist Families, Equality, and Experiences), we want to create a space to wrestle with the intersections of personal, political, and familial in our new political reality. Beginning November 9th, it’s arguable that all the issues surrounding family feel different (and maybe are different) than before. Join us — we’ll discuss differentiating the urgent and the important, asking how we prioritize, find joy, gather strength and continue to move forward in a time of resistance.


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