Friday 4:30PM - 6:00PM

We are Uprooted & Rising: Reproductive Justice and the fight for Food Sovereignty

Food reflects how our communities have learned to survive and thrive throughout the ages. It is the seed we hid in our hair as we were removed from our homelands. It is the worn and bent recipe cards handed down from generation to generation. It is a meal made with the spices and flavors that remind us where we come from. Beyond providing us with physical sustenance, food is often our greatest tie to culture, community, and the earth.

Reproductive Justice 101

Reproductive justice was coined in 1994 by Women of African Descent for Reproductive Justice, a group of Black women who recognized that the white-led women's rights movement was not prioritizing issues critical to women of color, and that we must represent our own communities. This workshop will discuss some of the history of RJ as well as give participants a chance to express their RJ stories.

The Bystander Toolbox

Bystander intervention is an imperfect art; there is so much that we cannot predict or account for, especially when we acknowledge that safety looks different for every person based on their unique set of values, histories, experiences, and identities. Taking all of this into consideration, in this workshop we offer skills and tools to utilize when witnessing a potentially harmful interaction, whether it is an instance of sexual harassment, a racist micro-aggression, or a harmful joke. We don't have to be heroes or saviors or put ourselves at risk to be accountable community members.

Queering Reproductive Justice

This workshop is a robust discussion about how we already are—and will continue—“queering” RJ. Many folks in our movement identify as lesbian, gay, bi or pansexual, trans, non binary, queer, and more! How do we bring those identities to the RJ movement in a way that translates identity to action, makes our movements more inclusive, and helps us to win liberation for our communities? We hope participants walk away with a better sense of how to bring a queer analysis to our RJ work and spaces and how to bring some of our RJ values to queer organizing.

How to Have (Un)Righteous Conversations with Conservatives & Liberals

For too long, the debate surrounding abortion and sexuality has been polarized and politicized. This interactive training seeks to cut through the noise by helping participants assess their values and communicate more effectively with those of differing beliefs. Based on the latest research in moral foundations theory, participants will engage in a variety of exercises to challenge conventional thinking about morality, politics, and religion in a way that speaks to conservatives and liberals alike.

EC Breezy Beautiful - Build Your Own Community EC Network

In a antichoice political climate that continues to curtail abortion rights and access across states, emergency contraception networks are a way to support reproductive choice and justice. In this interactive workshop, we hope to challenge and empower folx to start their own community based EC networks by discussing logistics, from resources needed to fundraising to local partnerships to operational frameworks.

Dreams Detained, In Her Words: the effects of detention and deportation on Southeast Asian American women and families

The AAPI community remains consistently overlooked in larger conversations about immigration policy and reform. Many Southeast Asians (SEA) with old criminal records have been targeted and quietly detained and deported in large numbers due to laws that were passed two decades ago. Immigration detention and deportation is a well discussed and explored topic in today’s political climate. However, there is an element to this topic that rarely comes to the forefront: the families left behind.

Decentering the binary: manifesting affirming safe, healthy & informed periods and selves

Pop culture, “feminine hygiene” and healthcare industries reinforce and are guided by limited, antiquated and exclusionary understandings and considerations of QTGNCNB health-issues, including menstruation. Menstruation is a unique, biological function that does not correspond to sameness in experiences, nor to particular gender body parts or bodily functions. From the moment a person starts their first period, we are taught to have an overly sanitized relationship and understanding of our periods.

Countering Project Blitz -- the State Legislative Agenda of the Christian Right

Sometimes even formidable opponents give us a gift that keeps on giving. Project Blitz is an aggressive state legislative program by elements of the Christian Right, comprising 20 model bills. In 2016, about 70 were introduced, and some passed. Scores of state and national organizations have come together across issue areas to find common approaches to fight this. But their 16 page legislative manual, first exposed by workshop organizer Frederick Clarkson, provides a one-document crash course in how the Christian Right connects the dots of its issues and religious/political vision.

Beyond Inclusivity: Understanding Trans Identities for Cisgender Allies

This interactive workshop will help cisgender people begin to understand the intersections of transgender health and reproductive justice. This workshop will serve as a space for people to ask and get answers to difficult, often uncomfortable questions. Participants will leave this workshop with solid, hands-on strategies for making reproductive justice spaces, as well as other work and educational environments, a place where transgender people feel welcome to exist.


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