We're hiring and growing!



CLPP is growing and changing, and we’re looking for folks passionate about reproductive justice to join our team! 


  • Are you excited to work with students and new leaders in the movement?
  • Do you have a passion for operations work and creating systems to keep a busy office running smoothly? 
  • Do you enjoy thinking of creative ways to communicate an organization’s mission and work? 
  • Do you love fundraising and want to use your skills to advance CLPP's work?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (or you know someone who would), read on for more information and check out our job postings below.


Programs and Communications Specialist

The CLPP Program and Communications Specialist (PCS) is a skilled communicator and storyteller who is excited to work with students to support campus organizing for reproductive justice.  The PCS will manage CLPP’s communications, working closely with fundraising and program staff, and will manage media coverage, develop online and print publications, and create original graphic design.  The PCS will also manage CLPP’s campus programming, including the Five College student group, and will play an integral role in developing other campus programming.


Operations Specialist

The CLPP Operations Specialist (OS) has a passion and proficiency for organizing people, information, and events and is enthusiastic about finding creative solutions and working within a diverse and vibrant reproductive justice movement.  The OS oversees the day-to-day operations at CLPP and manages administrative activities including the student intern program, communicating internal procedures, providing support for events, and ensuring staff has what they need to perform their jobs.


Program Fellow

The CLPP Program Fellow (PF) is excited to support the development of new reproductive justice movement leaders.  The PF will provide support to CLPP’s national leadership development projects: our paid summer internship program for undergraduates, and our activist network.  They will manage recruitment and training for the internship program and help organize activist convenings.


Development Associate

This position will be posted soon - watch this space for updates!


Demonstrated ability to interact effectively and work successfully with persons of diverse backgrounds, including racial and ethnic, socio-economic, international, LGBQ, and trans identities is essential.


People of color, trans/non-binary people, LGBQIA people, disabled people, immigrants, religious minorities in the US, fat people, and people from other communities that are currently and historically oppressed are strongly encouraged to apply.  For more information and to apply, please visit the links above.


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