Welcome Amanda and Susan!

We're thrilled to have Amanda and Susan on staff here at CLPP!

Amanda Major, Program Coordinator

Amanda Major joins CLPP as a Program Coordinator of External Leadership Projects. Amanda will manage CLPP's national activist leadership network (NLNI) and provide support for CLPP's national summer internship program (RRASC). Amanda’s previous experience includes community outreach, public health communications, and sexual health education. Amanda recently graduated from Clark University with a degree in International Development and Social Change.

Susan Heitker, Development Associate

Susan Heitker is joining CLPP as a Development Associate. Susan will provide strategic, administrative, and technical support to the CLPP development team to bolster CLPP’s programs and deepen engagement with its constituents. For over 20 years, Susan has worked on environmental, human rights, and social justice issues. Working primarily for small grassroots non-profit organizations, she has served in both programmatic and development roles, holding positions ranging from campaigner and organizer to fundraiser and executive director. In her previous position as development and communications coordinator with the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Susan helped triple annual giving and strengthen member engagement.

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