We are Uprooted & Rising: Reproductive Justice and the fight for Food Sovereignty

Food reflects how our communities have learned to survive and thrive throughout the ages. It is the seed we hid in our hair as we were removed from our homelands. It is the worn and bent recipe cards handed down from generation to generation. It is a meal made with the spices and flavors that remind us where we come from. Beyond providing us with physical sustenance, food is often our greatest tie to culture, community, and the earth. While access to nutritious, nourishing, and safe food and water is a human right, our current food system places a higher value on profits and corporate control than on human health, dignity, and the right to be nourished by and connected to land, culture, and community. People of color and Native communities are deprived of their right to maintain their bodies and thrive in their environment. In this workshop, we will consider questions such as: what effect does our current food system have on our reproductive lives, how can the reproductive justice movement invest in food sovereignty, and what tools do we possess as a movement to make food sovereignty a reality?


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