Turner Willman

"During my first year of college, I attended the CLPP Conference and the experience was transformative. I had come from a conservative family in a small town and was excited to find community that not only welcomed me as a second-generation immigrant and trans person of color, but that believed my background and identity could be a valuable contribution to my work. The CLPP Conference exposed me to new ideas, new ways to organize for social justice, and inspiring models of leadership.

"I had little guidance from my family on how to navigate college and a career in non-profits, so I looked to CLPP for a vision of my future and the roadmap to achieve my aspirations. My RRASC internship gave me the practical skills and leadership development I needed to launch my career as a fundraiser. Through their annual conference and RRASC program, CLPP has provided me with a support network, education, and mentorship that I will rely upon for many years to come."

Name: Turner Willman

CLPP Alum: Summer Intern (RRASC), 2012; Conference Participant, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013

Now:  I am the Development Assistant at Forward Together, a multi-racial organization that works with community leaders and organizations to build a world in which all families and communities have the resources, recognition, and rights to thrive. I’m proud of my work as a fundraiser because it allows me to contribute to the strength and sustainability of the reproductive justice movement. In my spare time, I answer mail from and provide resources to incarcerated transgender, gender-non-conforming, and intersex people at the TGI Justice Project. It’s a way for me to build community with people inside and outside prisons in order to end mass incarceration and support the leadership of trans women of color. I also organize against U.S. imperialism and state-sponsored violence in the Philippines as a member of GABRIELA-USA, an alliance of progressive grassroots Filipino women’s organizations.