Survivor Justice & #MeToo: Building Power to End Sexual Violence and Lead Change for Survivors

We stand at a collective tipping point. We exist at the intersection of the revolutionary #MeToo movement, transforming accountability, solidarity, healing, and justice for survivors, and the Trump administration’s attacks on vital rights and protections for survivors and marginalized people. Now more than ever, we need a powerful, intersectional, and informed survivor justice movement. In this interactive workshop, the facilitator will lead a direct action organizing training tailored to activists and advocates working against sexual, intimate partner, and gender-based violence at the campus and grassroots community level. We will explore your rights, campus and federal policies, the administration’s actions, the possibilities of #MeToo, and the effectiveness of direct action. Using trauma-informed scenarios, participants will learn key tools to mobilize their own community or organization, create and sustain a successful campaign, hold decision-makers accountable, build power, and win real change for survivors. Together, we can advance the movement for survivors and build the future we want to live in. Open to folks of all a/genders and a/sexualities. Open to survivors and allies at all levels of engagement in this work.


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