Survivor Justice: Building Student Power to Lead the Movement Against Sexual Violence

Protections for survivors of sexual violence are under attack. The current administration has already started dismantling and revoking the Title IX guidance for students, violating the safety and well-being of countless young people across the country. To resist these attacks, we need a powerful and informed student-led movement. In this interactive, open, safer caucus space, we will facilitate an organizing and direct action skill share tailored to activists working against sexual- and gender- based violence and advocates working at the campus level. Using trauma-informed tactics and strategies, activists will learn how to use student power to build a transformative survivor justice movement centered around consent and empowerment to win rights for survivors. Now more than ever, we need to focus our collective efforts and organize our communities to join the fight for survivors' rights. *Open to folks of all a/genders and a/sexualities. Open to survivors and allies. *Content warning: rape, sexual assault, mental health, Title IX, universities handling of sexual misconduct cases

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