Summertime with CLPP

Young Feminist Collaborative students sit in a circle under a tree on a sunny day at Hampshire College.

"This program has made me more articulate and comfortable talking about my feminism, and it has given me this arsenal of knowledge about non-mainstream feminist movements."2017 Young Feminist Collaborative Participant

CLPP's summer programs, the Institute for Transforming Social Justice and the Young Feminist Collaborative, gave the opportunity for young people from all over the country to learn and grow in their social justice knowledge and activism. Stay tuned for next year's offerings!

Congratulations to our 2017 RRASC Cohort!

Our 25 RRASC interns grew and learned incredible things--and brought vital talents and knowledge--to social and reproductive justice organizations across the country. Read more about Nora Ani Cameron's work with the National Network of Abortion Funds (who they hired on for the rest of the summer after her internship ended!), Alexandra Mitchell at Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Lauren Alexander's time with All-Options.

Lauren says, “Working with All-Options has become a way for me to channel my frustration with the political climate and constant injustices into active and productive community building, activism, and support. [Liberation is] ensuring that every adult and child has their needs met and has agency over their own body and self. As we work toward [this], everything else will fall into place.”

Two people smile at the camera. One holds up a drawing that has text reading "Abuelita knowledge is technology." Text to the left reads, "Call for proposals #clpp2018." Beneath it there is the CLPP logo.Coming soon...

Be sure to submit a proposal for CLPP's 32nd annual activist conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom! Find more information–and the #CLPP2018 proposal form–here.

If you go to school in Western Massachusetts, be sure to check out CLPP's student group when you're back on campus! And if you're an undergraduate student from anywhere in the country/world, stay tuned for the 2018 RRASC application opening this fall.

Comings and goings on Hampshire's campusLoretta Ross smiles at the camera during the 2017 conference.

Marlene Gerber Fried, CLPP’s faculty director, will be joining the O’Neill Institute at Georgetown Law School as one of their inaugural Global Scholars while she is on sabbatical from Hampshire, helping to expand abortion access across the globe. 

We are excited to announce that Loretta Ross will be working with CLPP as a visiting faculty during the next academic year, advising students and teaching classes on reproductive justice. Be sure to check out her new book written in collaboration with Rickie Solinger, Reproductive Justice: an Introduction, too!

News from the CLPP Network

Stacey Milbern receives care from a PCA.CLPP staff, students, speakers, and alums are regularly in the news­. Recent headlines include Stacey Milbern talking to The Atlantic about why disabled people fear Medicaid cuts, Sonia Mohammadzadah discussing what it's like being queer in Trump's America, Oliver Hall creating trans health hotlines with the Kentucky Health Justice Network (page 26 of The Groundswell Fund's report), Eesha Pandit lifting up intersectional organizing in the South (specifically reproductive justice in Texas), and so much more!

Congratulations to Madeline McCubbins, who was selected for the 2017 Planned Parenthood Young Leaders Advocacy Council; IonaPearl Reid-Eaton, whose art was selected in the African American Policy Forum's Youth Arts Competition; and Stephanie Piniero, who was selected for the second cohort of National Network of Abortion Fund's We Testify. Stephanie says, "I am SO excited to build power through our abortion stories this year. I am proud to have been selected for the second cohort of We Testify—a group of predominantly people of color sharing their abortion truths to change the narrative around abortion." Congratulations also to Jennifer Pozner, who won the 2017 Women's Choice Award, and Gretchen Sisson, who won a Society of Famliy Planning grant to research "the role adoption plays in abortion politics and provision." Be sure to check out their work at the above links!

Amanda Dennis, CLPP Advisory Board member, is one of the co-founders of @ReproMentors—check them out! And listen to Advisory Board member Toni Bond Leonard talk about faith and reproductive justice in this webinarLearn more about our Advisory Board members here. Thanks for helping us to build the movement for reproductive justice!

Keep us posted on what you’re up to—drop us a line and let us know! And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for regular updates about our alums, and to stay connected with current reproductive justice news.

In solidarity,

Staff and students from the 2017 CLPP conference are smiling at the camera.

CLPP students and staff

P.S. In case you missed it, check out all the incredible movement building that happened at CLPP last year! 

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