Sondra turned her fear into power

Our alums are key players in today’s demand for change, leading frontline fights against racism, oppression, and all forms of injustice.

They are advocates for the most vulnerable in our communities as we all face the greater threat of hate that is legitimized by the current administration.

From academic programs to an activist conference to summer internships, CLPP is educating, inspiring, and training these rising young activists and emerging leaders.

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Meet one of our 17,000 alums:

Sondra Dantzic is smiling. Pink-text quote reads: "When I was invited to the CLPP conference to share my experience as an abortion provider, it was a heal-the-healer moment that changed the course of my career. My fear was transformed into power as I looked out at hundreds of young activist attendees, telling my story about how I’ve been targeted by people who don’t believe in reproductive freedom. I will never forget the love I felt in the room that day." Underneath, text reads: "Name: Sondra Dantzic, MD
CLPP Alum: Conference Speaker 2008, 2016, 2017, RRASC Supervisor 2005 (Planned Parenthood, Mercer NJ) Now: I am the Chief Medical Officer of Planned Parenthood Keystone in Pennsylvania. My work as an OB/GYN brought me to Planned Parenthood 15 years ago, where I first served in Trenton, New Jersey, and later in New York City. More than 35 years after I was a student at Hampshire College, CLPP’s home, my adult daughter Sophia now calls herself a social justice activist. We have spoken together at the CLPP conference twice. Our intergenerational work is all about advocacy, healing, and intersectionality."

CLPP alums are bending history, striking down injustice, shaking the world. Many of them continue to courageously and tirelessly fight for reproductive justice throughout their careers.

They are strong, smart, and accomplished. They are changing lives. And we need them today, more than ever.

We believe in this future. Join CLPP in creating a cascade of change: Invest in the Sondras of tomorrow.

In hope and solidarity,

Mia Kim SullivanAmy CryselMarlene Gerber Fried

CLPP Co-Director

CLPP Co-Director

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