A Seat At The Table: Exploring Disruptive Leadership with a Solange Soundtrack

Love to work to a soundtrack? Interested in strategies that can transform space to be more inclusive? So are we. Solange created the perfect soundtrack for organizational change. We are weary, ready to share our magik, and MAD. Joining the fight for Reproductive Justice can mean that you are surrounded by Q/T/ GNC/POC or it can mean knocking down the barriers of white supremacy in a "feminist" organization, collective, or group. How can we live our values, and make actions that propel the RJ movement forward? These are large questions and we want to think them through with you and provide some strategies, games, and tactics to battle white supremacy and structures that organizations lean on to support it. Also if you just want an excuse to dialogue about " A Seat at the Table," we can do that too! This session is Part I of a two-part workshop series and will be followed by Part II: "No Milk For Your Cookies: A Critical Look At White Allyship In The RJ Movement." Join us for one or both sessions!


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