In search of a life-changing summer?

Complete your Young Feminst Collaborative application today!

"YFC changed my life completely, and I honestly don't know where I would be without it."
— Amanda Sentmanat-Perez, YFC, 2017

Young Feminist Collaborative is ideal for those wanting to experience what college is really like, deepen your commitment to feminism, make friends, expand your network, and challenge yourself.

Past highlights have included:

Here's what past participants have said about their experience:

"During my time at YFC, I learned constantly. Whether in the classroom discussing feminism or in my dorm doing the reading for the next day or at dinner talking with my YFC classmates, I was always discovering new perspectives on feminism and how it relates to a myriad of subjects. The two weeks I spent at YFC made me realize what I wanted to study and how I wanted to study it, and this knowledge influenced my college and career plans. YFC challenged me to think differently about feminism and to expand my definition of what feminism is. The friendships I made and the lessons I learned at YFC have lasted far beyond the two weeks I spent in the program, and I am eternally grateful to YFC for that."

"I had amazing instructors who were intelligent and supportive, I have met so many amazing activists doing really incredible work and made so many connections that will only help me in the future."

"I believe that I have discovered what it means to be a feminist personally, and the work the feminist movement still has to do."

Reminder: Applications submitted by April 13th are eligible for a tuition discount. We hope you can join us this summer!

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