#SayHerName with Andrea Ritchie available to livestream

Can't make it to our talk with Andrea Ritchie this coming Monday? Watch it via livestream!

#SayHerName: Black Women’s Experiences of Police Brutality
with Andrea Ritchie, Soros Justice Fellow

Monday, November 9
5:30-7 pm
Franklin Patterson Hall, Main Lecture Hall

Numerous Black women have been killed by or after encounters with police in 2015 alone, yet Black women have been erased from the national conversation on police killings. What is state violence, and how is it experienced by Black women, girls, and gender nonconforming people? Join accomplished civil rights attorney Andrea Ritchie for a discussion of policing, racial profiling, and the erasure of Black women’s narratives of state violence.

Co-sponsored by the Hampshire College Office of the President, Office of Diversity and Multicultural Education, Center for Feminisms, Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center, and Feminist Studies program.

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