Sterilization Abuse and the Carceral State: Healing Justice, White Supremacy & Reproductive Violence

In September 2020, nurse Dawn Wooten courageously exposed the forced gynecological procedures and medical abuses inflicted on immigrants at the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia. Her disclosure catalyzed further resistance. A collective of birth workers, healthcare workers, healers, and public health practitioners condemned the abuses and called for a full transformation of health systems in their powerful Health, Healing Justice & Liberation Statement, part of the #ShutDownIrwin campaign anchored by Project South. It recognizes that ICE abuses are part of larger legacies of harm, including the prison and medical industrial complexes, violent and dehumanizing immigration policies and rhetoric, and racist population control and eugenics practices. Join some of the co-writers and editors of the statement to discuss their resistance, and learn how we can reimagine these damaging systems, support the healing of survivors, and stand up against the carceral state. Speakers: Courtni Andrews, Eesha Pandit, and Dawn Wooten; moderated by Haile Eshe Cole This event was recorded on Tuesday, April 27 from 5:00-6:30 pm EST. If you have not registered for our Growing the Reproductive Justice Movement 2021, click this link to sign up: More info about what's to come: Sponsorship info:

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