"From Abortion Rights to Social Justice..." You're invited to the CLPP Conference.

Join other activists from across the U.S. and internationally to build a stronger movement for reproductive justice and social change. Come to revitalize your political passion, energy and imagination, and celebrate our collective leadership and strength. Speakers from the U.S. and abroad will offer more than 50 workshops and trainings highlighting the interconnections between reproductive freedom and a broad range of human rights and social justice issues, including health care, race and class, LGBTQI+ rights and gender justice, pregnancy and the freedom to parent, disability justice, criminalization and militarization, immigrant and worker rights, youth liberation, and freedom from violence -- just to name a few. Learn, network, strategize and build a stronger movement for social change. Over the weekend, you will deepen your understanding of issues you already know about, make new connections, and unite with others who are passionate about working for social justice.