Reproductive Politics in Latin American and Muslim-Majority Countries

This panel will look at the reproductive politics surrounding sterilization and abortion in Latin American and Muslim-majority countries. We will discuss the ongoing politics of the sterilization cases in Peru from the 1990s, criminalization and liberalization of abortion in Latin America, and the range of legal realities regarding abortion in Muslim-majority countries. We will consider these politics in the context of the troubling international family planning scene. On the one hand is the anti-choice, anti-contraception conservative backlash (Trump's reinforcement of the Global Gag Rule, for instance, or the use of religion to curtail women's bodily rights) and on the other, a neoliberal, philanthrocapitalist agenda, which includes a return to numeric targets and an emphasis on long-acting reversible contraception. As part of this complicated picture, we will look at instances of feminist resistance.


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