Reproductive Justice & State Legislative Abortion Trends: A Discussion on Innovative Intersectional Strategies

Access to abortion care is a reproductive justice issue. Communities of color, immigrant communities, women, girls, and trans and gender non-conforming folks are all affected by appalling and ever-evolving anti-abortion laws in states across the country. These laws, written mostly by cis white men, are meant to target the most marginalized communities. Learning from the reproductive justice framework, presenters will provide an overview of legislative trends, put abortion restrictions in a demographic context, and discuss proactive strategies to connect with attendees about their experiences at the local and state levels by utilizing storytelling and small group work. Attendees will explore intersections between abortion rights, racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, and immigrant rights to gain a comprehensive understanding of abortion issues in the country today. Presenters will highlight how recent developments in abortion legislation impact marginalized communities' ability to access abortion care and other necessary reproductive health services.


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