Redefining Allyship: Communities of Color Building Trust, Recognizing Privilege, and Uniting in Solidarity

Being an ally means engaging in a lifelong process of being intentional in how we show up for others. Within our communities, there are various identities that make being a person of color a rich experience. While our priority will always lie in centering the voices of our own communit(ies), solidarity among and within communities of color is becoming increasingly imperative in a political climate that seeks to divide us. How can communities of color unite in solidarity while also recognizing how our various identities and biases can impact how we do this? In this workshop, participants will explore how our intersected identities can shape the ways in which we show up for people within our communit(ies), identify how our various forms of privilege and biases can impact how we show up for other communities of color, and develop strategies for establishing meaningful connections to building intentional solidarity within communities of color.


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