Red State Resistance: Missed Connections

Abortion is a centerpiece of reproductive access organizing, especially in conservative areas where it is heavily restricted. Though abortion is essential to overall access to reproductive autonomy, the challenges faced by trans people of color in red states are often ignored or not at all addressed by the abortion access movement. In this session, we ask participants to interrogate the impacts of this focus on abortion and identify what unaddressed gaps are part of true access to reproduction. attendees are encouraged share about needed or existing work in their conservative regions, particularly work that uplifts and/or addresses the needs of Black & Indigenous people & people of color who are trans women, sex workers, disabled people, undocumented people, incarcerated people, and all others on the margins of access. Through discussion, reflection, and networking activities, we will explore how we can use our various connections to address & expand access to reproductive autonomy beyond abortion.


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