Recognize Reproductive Rights! Mobilize for Reproductive Justice!

Youth Sexual and Reproductive Rights

May 28 is International Day of Action for Women’s Health, and we at CLPP are joining the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights to call for full recognition of young people’s sexual and reproductive rights in our communities throughout the world.

Yasmine El Baggari of Morocco says, “Young people’s sexual and reproductive rights are important because the presence of these rights will have a huge impact on how they progress in the future... Sexual and reproductive rights relate to gender equality and other factors that are essential to achieve a successful life.” Read more from Yasmine.

Suyeon Min of Korea says, “I think the first step toward solving these issues is to be open-minded before making judgments about anyone. Being open-minded is actually not that hard. All we need to do is listen.” Read more from Suyeon.

Iesha Ramos of the United States says, “It is important to make sure we continue to move forward with young people's sexual and reproductive rights... Limited access to services and information has a huge impact on young people's lives.” Read more from Iesha.

We applaud the United Nations’ 45th session of the Commission on Population and Development, which recently affirmed the importance of recognition, protection, and international adoption of the sexual and reproductive rights of young people as human rights. In order to realize these rights, we commend the important work being done on this day and throughout the year to advance the health, autonomy, and wellbeing of young people everywhere.

From our annual conference to our national networking initiative to our local student group, working for young people’s sexual and reproductive rights is what we do every day here at CLPP. For one more international perspective, watch Julieta Paredes Carvajal change the very language we use to describe sexuality in her performance at this year’s conference.

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