Queering Reproductive Justice: Strength In Our Differences

Who we are and what we fight for are integrally connected, and the need to acknowledge and organize around our full selves is reinforced every day of the Trump Administration. Now more than ever, when the attacks seem relentless, we must ground ourselves firmly in a shared vision for intersectional base-building across the reproductive justice movement, recognizing that #MeToo is a queer issue; ableism is a repro justice issue; transphobia is a human rights issue; Islamophobia is a racial justice issue; and ultimately, we're all in this together. How do we affirm a truly queer analysis and approach to liberation that is radically inclusive? Come be a part of the conversation alongside writers, researchers, and activists working at the intersections of community care and holistic healing, black communities and reproductive health, transformative justice, research activism, body liberation, and LGBTQI freedom.


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