Power, Pleasure, Profit: Radical Visions of Consent from Young Feminists

Join a panel of sex worker activists, sex educators, anti-rape advocates, and others to discuss how young feminists are building radical new definitions of consent and communication! This will be a participatory panel; audience members will be invited to reflect on and discuss their own definitions of consent. The ways we talk about sex are changing rapidly, and young voices are playing a central role in this evolving dialogue. Traditional definitions of consent — a concept originally borrowed from criminal law — are receiving tough criticism and being boldly reimagined. Sexual violence activists are pushing for legal requirements that go beyond consent; sex educators are reframing conversations about consent as pleasure-oriented instead of violence-avoidant; and sex workers are demanding recognition as consenting participants in a legitimate form of labor. We will explore questions that shape our current practices of consent, and consider alternative visions for cultural and legal definitions of sexual communication.


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