Parents and Families in Our Movements

Jaspreet and Katie will facilitate a generative, open conversation as we did the 2017 iteration of this workshop. Centering the experiences of parents, caretakers, and families, workshop participants will share and vision about (1) parenting for collective liberation, (2) creating activist spaces that welcome multigenerational activism, and (3) activism for the complex, intersectional needs of parents, caretakers, families, and children/youth. This workshop is founded in the belief that we are all experts in our own lives. Jaspreet and Katie will hold space for participants to share ideas, fears and desires, and resources that uplift parenting, families, and family creation. Topics brought to the workshop by the facilitators and previous participants have included conception, birth, foster parenting, nonviolent parenting, parenting for body autonomy, racial justice for children/teens and their families, coparenting, parenting and abortion, social justice in our families and neighborhoods, working outside the home while parenting, bringing activist work into our children's schools and upbringing, the ongoing struggle for institutional support of parenting (paid sick leave, parental leave, pay equity), and more.


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