Organizing for Sexual and Reproductive Justice in NYC: Engaging Community to Transform Public Institutions

A reproductive justice revolution is happening in New York City: a municipal agency (the nation’s largest health department) is working to adopt the principles of reproductive justice, guided by the Sexual and Reproductive Justice Community Engagement Group (CEG) comprised of over 50 nonprofit organizations, community leaders, activists, and academics. The purpose of this workshop is to 1) provide an overview of the CEG and its approach to incorporate a sexual and reproductive justice framework into the work of the NYC Health Department, 2) reflect on the CEG process and share successes, challenges, and lessons learned to date, and 3) facilitate a discussion around opportunities for communities to engage government institutions in order to forge partnerships that drive institutional transformation processes aligned with sexual and reproductive Justice. This workshop is offered in the spirit of open sharing and honest self-reflection, in hopes that others will be inspired to carry seeds of this idea across the nation.


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