Not a Monolith. Not Model. Not Silent. Not Yours.

Asian / Americans (AAs) and Native Hawaiians / Pacific Islanders (NHPIs) contain multitudes but you wouldn’t know it from the way mainstream media and policymakers portray AAs and NHPIs as a monolithic group, and only discuss us in the context of model minorities or cultural representation. This caucus is a brave space to share, learn, challenge, and grow together as we discuss the nuance and contradictions, and honor and weight of the AA and NHPI identities in the United States. We’ll share strategies and approaches to navigating white, people of color, and AA and NHPIs spaces, including how to organize for a racial equity initiative, and build and implement programming and advocacy for and by AAs and NHPIs at reproductive health and rights organizations. If you’ve ever felt unseen, alone, or like you didn’t fit in, this is a space for you. This is a closed space for people who identify as Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander.


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