Not Just "A Woman and Her Doctor": Supporting All Pregnant People in Self-Care

Throughout history, people have sought reproductive health care from trusted community members who hold body knowledge, such as healers, herbalists, and midwives, to help them avoid pregnancy, regulate menstruation, give birth, induce abortions, or complete miscarriages. Today, though many people seek care from professionalized providers such as OB/GYNs and abortion clinics, others seek self-directed care on their own or within their communities for a range of reproductive needs. Seismic political shifts that have made the future of access to reproductive health services more uncertain than ever have also ignited interest in community-based and self-directed solutions. Each of us has a role to play: from destigmatizing self-care and holistic models of reproductive health care, to distributing reproductive health information (such as how to end a pregnancy), to using law and policy tools to ensure that pregnant people and the people who support them are safe from arrest.


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